【Monster’s Biscuit】Goblin Crusher – Raper Goblins and a Knight with Big Tits

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Title:Goblin Crusher – Raper Goblins and a Knight with Big Tits
Maker:Monster’s Biscuit
Release date:2021/05/16
Genre:Touch, lolita, Creampie, Tittie, humiliation, Fellatio, Rape, Heterosexuality

*-*-*-* Game Overview *-*-*-*

Creampie during battle!
Goblins will not only attack you normally, but will also sexually harass you!
The sexual harassment starts lightly and gradually escalates!
During a sexual harassment attack, your attack power is drastically reduced!
If you don’t shake them off, they’ll finally insert you and ejaculaete!

[Plenty of CG patterns during battle! 32 basic illustrations!]
The sex pattern changes on
whether you’re facing one or two goblins.
So you can enjoy a variety of situations.
Are you going to get a blow job or a cunnilingus? ……
Cum outside or inside?
More details in the actual game!

*-*-*-* System *-*-*-*

[It’s up to you to avoid the goblins or defeat them all.]
If the goblins catch you in their sights,
or chase you and catch you, the battle begins!
You can either run and hide from the goblins,
or whether you want to overthrow them all and move forward!

[The game has a climax gauge system!]
Every time you are raped by a goblin during battle, your “climax" gauge will increase.
If you walk around after a battle, your climax gauge will naturally drop
Or if you take a sedative or go to a church, the gauge will return to zero, but if you start the next goblin battle with the gauge…??

If your climax gauge reaches 100 during battle, it’s game over!
Taking detours sometimes necessary to fight goblins!

*-*-*-* Story *-*-*-*

Ordinaria is a small country deep in the mountains.
Helene, a young girl knight, was not a very reliable knight.
She is a member of the Royal Court Knights, formed to protect the king and the royal family.
However, Helene fights to save the country from the goblins that have suddenly invaded into Ordinaria.

On the other hand, she is caught in a diversion by the goblins, which are more intelligent than she expected.
At the castle, the only daughter of the King of Ordinaria, Princess Therese, is kidnapped by goblins.
When the king returned from his border patrol, Helene said to him

I have to go save the princess! I’ll go alone!

Thus, Helene, a weak knight, sets off for the forest where goblins await her.
Will she be able to save the princess safely? ……

*-*-*-* Characters *-*-*-*

A member of the Royal Court Knights of the Kingdom of Ordinaria. She’s not very strong, but she has more respect for the royal family than anyone else, and she was the princess’s playmate when she was a child.
She has been a good friend of hers ever since she joined the Royal Court. She is determined to protect her as only friend.

Princess (Therese Eukelaude Li Ordone)
The only daughter of King Loureios III.
She is beautiful and intelligent, but is taken away by goblins.


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