【Side warning light】Sloppy & Stubby

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Title:Sloppy & Stubby
Maker:Side warning light
Release date:2021/05/08
Genre:fetish, youthcomics, comedy, Occult, whip

Slippery & stubby

This is a manga for all ages with fetish expression and obesity depiction.

(Synopsis) Yasukochi, an elite employee of a pharmaceutical company, is handed a strange slime by his boss. As he studies the slime, which seems to have a will of its own and moves in strange ways, it suddenly attacks him and forcibly enters his body! From that day on, his body begins to gain weight…

This is a slime pandemic obesity manga. Both men and women will be subjected to obesity. (More male obesity elements)

25p main comic – 2p extra 4 panels
Main text is in black and white, only the slime part is in color.

JPEG, PDF files.


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