【Erotic Fantasy Lahbatas】GoTo Rabatas#02 [Captive Injection: The City of Nakadashi Insects].

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Title:GoTo Rabatas#02 [Captive Injection: The City of Nakadashi Insects].
Maker:Erotic Fantasy Lahbatas
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:Boobs, crosssection, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Breastmilk, Adultery, Heterosexuality

Highlights of this work

This film is about a woman who is raped by insects and mercilessly penetrated by them.


After making a huge mistake last time and putting a customer in danger, guide Miho gets another chance.
The last time I was there, I got a repeat appointment. This time, the customer’s request was for an [insect-type monster].
Trying not to make a mistake this time, Miho proceeds with her business smoothly.
However, at the last minute, a problem with the steam pool occurred.
She wanted to introduce the last stage to her customers, so she came up with a crazy idea.

*This story is a continuation of the previous one, but you can enjoy this story alone.

About H-scenes and trends

This story is all about insects. There are a lot of descriptions of inside sex.
There are four stages: cicada, weevil, mantis, and beetle type monsters.
The nipple enlargement is still there.


PDF format, jpg image data.
A simple setting book is also included. Please enjoy the world of Ravatus.
The back cover of the front magazine and other administrative pages total 44 pages.

For those who want to buy it

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A bound version will be made at a later date (as of today, it is not yet available).


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