【Tiramisu Tart】I’m going to have a lot of sex with my dirty childhood friend.

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Title:I’m going to have a lot of sex with my dirty childhood friend.
Maker:Tiramisu Tart
Release date:2021/04/28
Genre:Ass/hip, student, Uniform, Creampie, Lewd, Anal, ponytail, Bigtits/bigtits

A manga about just having sex with a jealous, possessive, and skanky childhood friend.

My childhood friend is one of the most popular idols in my grade.
The true nature of this childhood friend is that she comes to school without underwear, sucks the main character’s dick on the rooftop during lunch break, and
She is a dirty woman who can do whatever she wants…

When she gets home, of course she has sex, and she fucks and fucks and fucks.

He is also very possessive, and when he finds out that the hero has been confessed to by another woman, he squeezes her until she dries up to prevent her from cheating on him.

I’ve been with her since I was a kid, so I’ve tried everything I’m interested in, including anal sex.
I used to wear a rubber band to avoid getting pregnant, but one day, my childhood friend asked me to do it raw as it was a safe day.

The result

This is a manga with almost no storyline, just sex with my childhood friend who is a real slut and gets fucked up from the start.

40 pages total, 37 pages of the main story (jpeg)

Circle:Teiramisu Tart


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