【Violet Color】Impregnation Mayor: What if I, a man of no merit, became mayor of a town?

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Title:Impregnation Mayor: What if I, a man of no merit, became mayor of a town?
Maker:Violet Color
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:tits, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Titties, “Mothersmilk", Anal, Bigtits/bigtits, nipple/areola

Students, secretaries, clerks, idols, chancellors, etc. using the Mayor’s Special Orders.
Pouring fertilized juice all over the place.

A synopsis

I’m not good at anything, but I became mayor when I saw a sign advertising for one.

What’s the best way to get a job?
When I was thinking of quitting as mayor, I found an old safe.

Inside the old safe was an old piece of paper.
What the hell is a [special order from the mayor]?

The Mayor of this town may [Mayor’s Special Order].
Failure to comply with a special order may result in serious disciplinary action.

You mean I can give orders?
If I’m going to quit anyway, I might as well try…

Using the mayor’s special order to order all the girls in town to have sex!
You can fuck and impregnate all the girls you can’t refuse!

Which girl should I fuck and impregnate first?
I’m going to impregnate all the women in the countryside and help the town reduce its birthrate!

Included contents

10 basic CG + α
255 pages of main story
Contains [no text ver].
Total 464 pages


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