【Niche Perceptions】Slave Torture Show [II].

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Title:Slave Torture Show [II].
Maker:Niche Perceptions
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:Collar/chain/restraint, training, restraint, Slavery, Tickling, Urinating/Peeing, Tentacle, torture

As a slaver, you must always keep your slaves under discipline—.

[1] Overview
As a slaver, you must always keep your slaves under discipline—.既に幾度となく奴隷拷問ショーを主催してきたあなたは、この度も新鮮かつ生意気な3人の奴隷を調教する予定であった。新規に雇った女拷問官は時としてあなたに忠誠を誓っていないような節があるが、得てしてあなたの掌で踊らない人間はみな悲惨な末路を辿るのだった───・・・

[2] Game Contents
An ADV with choice type mini-actions, each character has two different derivative endings.

[3]Work style
-Consecutive climaxes
-nipple torture
-pee patience
-tentacle torture
-navel rape
-Anal torture
-ear licking
-Electric torture

Basic 10 sheets
About 240 sheets including differential

5]Materials used, etc.
Sound effects
無料効果音で遊ぼう! http://taira-komori.jpn.org/
On-Jin ~音人~ https://on-jin.com/
OtoLogic https://otologic.jp/
エロゲ等制作用・エロ効果音素材集(全60種!) https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ127007.html
著作権フリー効果音・BGM集 vol.31 https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ130705.html
魔王魂 https://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/
MTO KN(※チャンネル) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG9d0rQgw-q0ahqheRmNOpA
[background, other UI parts].
空想曲線 https://kopacurve.blog.fc2.com/
ぴぽや倉庫 https://pipoya.net/sozai/
アイコン素材ダウンロードサイト「icooon-mono」 http://icooon-mono.com/
-oda : twittercom/oda16086521
-Mama Kurogami : twittercom/m_kurogami
-KAFKA Sakamoto : twittercom/skafka15
-Sakurai Energy : twittercom/sakurai_energy
(*Texts, system and some BGM cakes are available at twittercom/dochakusosex )

[6] Update history
-Ver 100 Release date: May 1, 2021
-Ver 110 [2021/5/1] : Corrected some dialogs and training scenes.

This work is created by WOLF RPG Editor (following URL).

[7] Notes
If you have any problems with the game, please send me a DM or email on my Twitter or pixiv account.


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