【Healing World ASMR】[Earworm – Exhale] Night owl gamer nerd and his cousin’s sister

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Title:[Earworm – Exhale] Night owl gamer nerd and his cousin’s sister
Maker:Healing World ASMR
Release date:2021/04/27
Genre:Moe, healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, VTuber, Earwax, Love/Love/Ama, whispering

[about a night owl gamer geek and his cousin’s sister

Are you tired from playing too many games lately? We’re here to help.
I’m busy working and going to school, but when I get home I want to play games and do whatever I want.
If you have a busy life, you may feel tired even after doing your favorite things.

For those of you who are sleep deprived
My cousin’s sister has been staying up late playing video games with [you].
It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep with zero distance breathing, creepy whispers and strong ear scratching. This is a work that is sure to give you a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy the soothing and tingling sensations that are especially good for ears accustomed to ASMR.

*This is a binaural recording. Please listen with earphones or headphones.

Track List

  • 00 Prologue [0:00 – 2:11].
  • 01 Earwax (right ear)[2:12~19:00].
  • 02 Brahma (right ear)[19:01~28:31].
  • 03 Exhalation(Right ear)[28:32~36:20].
  • 04 Earwax(left ear)[36:24~53:20].
  • 05 Brahma (left ear)[53:24 – 1:02:43].
  • 06 Exhalation (left ear)[1:02:45 – 1:11:41].
  • 07 Ear blocking sound & tapping [1:11:46 – 1:22:22].
  • Total [1 hour 22 minutes].

About VTuber:Momo Mimon

【耳かき・吐息】夜更かしゲーマーオタクと従姉妹のお姉さん [癒世界ASMR]

I’m a VTuber, Momo Mimon.
I’m usually active on YouTube.
This time I recorded and edited my first full-length work for black dio!
I’m still a novice at DLsite, but
I’m still a novice at DLsite, but I’m hoping to make better and better things as I continue to produce more and more works.
I hope you will watch over my growth from now on.


Your support will be used for my activities and the cost of producing my next audio work (such as commissioning illustrations).
This time, too, I used the sales of my last ASMR audio work, which I posted on DLsite for the first time, to cover the production costs! Thank you very much to everyone who purchased it.
Thank you for your continued support of Momo Mimon and ASMR in the healing world.





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