【Dampaccino】My first male daughter deli

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Title:My first male daughter deli
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:“mansdaughter", “womensclothing", sex/soap, Faces, Anal, Bigdick

My first time having intense sex with a man’s daughter delicatessen girl


A young man calls a man’s daughter deli girl to his hotel for the first time.

The girl’s name is “Yua".

She has the looks and proportions of an idol.

When Yua appeared in the room with the young man, her skirt was already muffled.

[Fatty penis. —- Such a cute girl has a fatty penis—]

The young man, unable to contain his excitement at this fact, kissed her deeply on the lips and played with her erect nipples.

Yua moans, and her dick gets even more fully erect.

The young man then removes his pants and takes Yua’s horse-sized cock into his mouth.

The young man then takes off his pants and sucks on Yua’s big, horsey cock.

The sound of squirting and her sweet voice echoes through the air.

The squidgy smell of her dick fills the air.

Yua spurts out a huge amount of thick sperm as she goes crazy with pleasure.

The young man, who was even more excited to see the tremendous amount of cum, started to check the position of Yuh’s prostate with his fingers and twisted it raw into the man’s daughter’s asshole, which he had always wanted to do.

[play description]

-nipple torture
-reverse blowjob
-prostate torture
-Anal Play

[page number]
Color cover: 1 page
Main story:21 pages

Circle Name:Dampaccino


The sample is a mosaic correction, but the main story is a black groove correction.


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