【kotoneiro】[VTuber-Earworm-Heart Sound-Confession]The Room You Can’t Leave Without ASMR ~Miriakari Edition

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8
Title:[VTuber-Earworm-Heart Sound-Confession]The Room You Can’t Leave Without ASMR ~Miriakari Edition
Release date:2021/04/27
Genre:moe, healthy, healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, VTuber, Blondes


You suddenly realize that you are standing alone in a room.
You look around, but all you see is an oddly quiet space surrounded by pure white walls.
You are at a loss as to why you came in and how to get out.
A girl comes to you.
Her name is Miriakari. She’s that virtual YouTuber you love so much.

There is only one rule in this room.
The only rule in this room is that you can’t leave without doing ASMR.

Earworms, number counting, heartbeats, and confessions of love.
Can the two of you complete the ASMR tasks presented to you one after the other and escape the room?

Cast introduction

  • 【VTuber・耳かき・心音・告白】ASMRをしないと出られない部屋 ~ミライアカリ編~ [kotoneiro]

    Active on YouTube since October 27, 2017.
    Belong to a major label [GOOM STUDIO] since September 30, 2020.
    With her cheerful character, she brings smiles from virtual to real life.
    Her activities are not limited to video contents, but she also performs in events with songs and dances, and is also a member of the
    She has also appeared on TV and in many corporate commercials as a celebrity.
    She has amnesia and her past is unknown.

    Birthday :November 21st
    Collective name of fans:Mirai club
    Hobby :Ego search
    Favorite thing to do :Eat

What is kotoneiro?

【VTuber・耳かき・心音・告白】ASMRをしないと出られない部屋 ~ミライアカリ編~ [kotoneiro]

An ASMR label produced by voice actress Kotori Koiwai.
With the theme of “Bringing healing tones to your ears. With the theme of “Healing Tones for Your Ears.
With the theme of “Healing Tones for Your Ears," the label produces high-quality, high-quality audio works that soothe the ears of tired listeners.


  • 【VTuber・耳かき・心音・告白】ASMRをしないと出られない部屋 ~ミライアカリ編~ [kotoneiro]

    Kotori Koiwai, known as an audio influencer in the world of voice actors, is a member of the
    It was recorded in a private studio that was built with an eye on sound quality.

    Kotori Koiwai Profile]
    Voice actress, songwriter, composer. She is a member of Peerless Gerbera, and holds MIDI certification level 1. She is also a self-confessed audiophile.
    He is a member of MENSA, a high IQ organization that only 2% of the population can join.

    -[Non Non Biyori] As Renge Miyauchi
    -[THE iDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE!] Playing the role of Tomohana Tenkuhashi
    -[The Seven Deadly Sins] Playing the role of Elaine
    -[Aikatsu!] Playing the role of Nono Daichi
    -[Azur Lane] Playing the role of Ryougetsu

  • 【VTuber・耳かき・心音・告白】ASMRをしないと出られない部屋 ~ミライアカリ編~ [kotoneiro]

    The main microphone is supposed to be a top-of-the-line binaural microphone.
    The main microphone is a Neumann KU-100, which is considered one of the best binaural microphones.

  • 【VTuber・耳かき・心音・告白】ASMRをしないと出られない部屋 ~ミライアカリ編~ [kotoneiro]

    In addition, in order to cover the high-resolution band that cannot be picked up by the KU-100
    The wideband acquisition up to 50 kHz is blended with the sound of the [Sony C-100].
    In addition, it can be used as a sound source to cover the high-resolution band that cannot be picked up by the [Sony C-100].

  • 【VTuber・耳かき・心音・告白】ASMRをしないと出られない部屋 ~ミライアカリ編~ [kotoneiro]

    The sales format is also
    -mp3 (256kbps) sound source for easy listening.
    -CD quality 441kHz/16bit WAV sound source
    -96kHz/24bit FLAC sound source of the highest high-resolution quality
    The following three types of music are sold together.

    You can listen to the sound quality according to your preference and environment.


  • A Room Alone with Mariah Carey
  • A room where you can’t get out unless you ASMR your ears.
  • The room you can’t get out of unless you ASMR the number counting
  • The room you can’t leave without ASMRing your heartbeat
  • Room where you have to confess to get out


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