【Ingo Higo】Today’s tongue kissing duty maid. [Binaural] – Let’s make lots of tongue kissing babies…

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Title:Today’s tongue kissing duty maid. [Binaural] – Let’s make lots of tongue kissing babies…
Maker:Ingo Higo
Release date:2021/04/30
Genre:lewdwords, binaural/damihe, maid, LoveLoveLove/Amaha, Creampie, Titties, Gokkun/Eating, Bigtits/bigtits

今日のベロチュー当番メイドさん。【バイノーラル】~ベロチュー子作り、たくさんしよう♪~ [インゴヒゴ]


[Good Morning, Master

♪ Today, I’m on duty ♪

On the master’s day off, I’m going to give him a tender tongue kiss and provide him with some sweet healing.
“I’m the maid on tongue kissing duty.
I’m a maid on tongue kissing duty. Master…

By the way…
I’m going to be on duty one more time today.
I’m going to get the master’s seed in my belly to make babies.

“I’m on baby-making duty.

I want my master’s baby, too.
♪ I love my master ♪

Hmmm… ♪ Well then, master ♪
Let’s have a lot of tongue kissing and baby making sex…] [

[What is tongue kissing duty?]

It is one of the duties of the maids who work at the mansion.

When the master is on holiday, the maids stay close to him.
One of the maids on duty at the mansion.

Of course, when the master’s penis gets excited, she also takes care of his sexual needs.
In this case, it is not only squeezed out, but also sexually treated with a warm tongue kiss.

From this time on, she will also be on “baby-making duty" to conceive her master’s child.

★★★Selling Points★★★★

-A binaural audio work that thoroughly depicts “tongue kissing play".

A maid is on “tongue kissing duty" to heal you while you rest.
This is a binaural audio work about “tongue kissing".

It started with “tongue kissing pussy," then “tongue kissing foot job," “tongue kissing glans," and “tongue kissing glans.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
It’s a work full of tongue kissing.

-I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
She is shy, but she whispers a lot between kisses for her master, who loves lewd words.

-The maids lick the candy and drink the juice for each track, changing the flavor of the kiss.
It’s a good idea to have some candy on hand when you listen to it to get the full experience.

– In addition to the version without all the sound effects, we have also included a version without the hand and piston sounds in the H scene so that you can enjoy the detailed kissing sounds.

Track List

0 Prologue(8:22)

1[Morning tongue kissing service, I’ll give it to you](25:47)
Approximate ejaculation time:[22:37]

(pussy / cowgirl / relaxed pussy / tongue kissing / live fucking / Nakadashi)
Kissing flavor: Lime flavored tablets

The tongue-chewing maids will notice your cock’s morning erection and offer to treat it sexually, as they always do…
It’s a tongue-in-cheek pussy service because she’s also going to be on childbirth duty today.

It just means that you just woke up. Just try not to move your cunt too hard. ……

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one who can’t wait to get started.

2[How about a more stimulating service to wake you up from sleep?] (22:42)
Approximate ejaculation time:[20:18].

(footjob / ear licking footjob / tongue kissing / hugging from behind footjob)
Kiss flavor: coffee candy

For those of you who are still sleepwalking.
The maid will serve you to wake up refreshed…

The maid hugs you from behind and squeezes you, pinching your cock with her sole.
She will also give you an ear licking footjob, where she will lick your ears at the same time.

3[Sweet dessert tongue kiss, please eat](22:32)
Approximate ejaculation time:[19:37]

(pussy / face-to-face sitting position / relaxed pussy / tongue in mouth with whipped cream / live fucking / Nakadashi)
Taste of kiss: whipped cream

During lunch break.
Today’s lunch seemed to be partially taken care of by the tongue-in-cheek maids.

I asked her if she would like some dessert, too.
She’ll give you a face-to-face seated pussy, a mouthful of whipped cream, and a tongue-lashing.
She will serve you with a dessert tongue kiss…

■4[It’s a reward for your hard work…](21:07)
Approximate ejaculation time:[17:48].

(Paisley / Juice Transfer / Dick Kissing / Glans Kissing (Blow Job) / Oral Ejaculation / Gokkun)
Kiss flavor: sports drink

We do muscle training together, as recommended by the maid.
If you work hard enough, the maid will give you a nice reward.

When I ask her to give me a sweet and sour pie slurp, she makes one of those faces that just comes to mind.
I’m going to use my lips and tongue to serve the glans of your cock that comes out of your cleavage.
“She’ll serve you with a “pizzeria cock kiss.

The last one is a mouthful of cum.

5[I want to make a baby with my master](24:44)
Approximate ejaculation time:[20:47].

(pussy/normal position/ tongue kissing/live fucking/ inside out/liking each other)
Kissing taste: After brushing teeth, nothing special, tongue kissing maid’s original taste ♪

At the end of the day, of course♪
It’s time for a lovey-dovey nighttime eroticism♪

The maids will be giving you the sweetest tongue kisses of the day, and they will be giving you the best pussy kisses of the day.
It’s time for a loving nighttime fairy tale.
The maid will give you the most luscious tongue kiss of the day as she lovingly squeezes you.

6 extra [I’ll keep tongue kissing you](6:52)
Approximate ejaculation time:[5:43].
(tongue kiss/hand job)

This is an audio clip of a maid giving a tongue kiss to a man.

Recorded content

-All 7 tracks (MP3:48khz/320kbps)/(WAV:48khz/24bit) 132 minutes total play time
-No SE/No piston sound version
-Full length script
-High resolution image illustration without logo

This film is binaural in nature. We recommend that you use earphones or headphones.

CV Yuka Aoi/@yukanyan2525

Image illustration by Kibii Moka/@mocha2popcorn

Logo design by Naname Migikata/@naname_yr8

Planning – script 4D glasses/@bousaba_4d


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