【Bear bell】JK Matching♪ -Insensitivity of me and maximum compatibility of you

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#41
Title:JK Matching♪ -Insensitivity of me and maximum compatibility of you
Maker:Bear bell
Release date:2021/04/26
Genre:Healing, boobs, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, LoveLoveLove/Amaaaa, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Earlicking


[I’ve never been able to come in solo sex].
[I wonder if I’m insensitive?]

It was then that my best friend, Aya Komaki, told me that her first time at [Snap Bear] was really good.

[Maybe fate will make me come?]

Serve the cock that’s supposed to make you feel good, and now it’s on!

You can use my cunt as you like. I don’t think you’ll feel it anyway.]

This is the best sex I’ve ever had because it’s just the two of us.
Please listen to Shiho’s disturbed appearance after knowing the pleasure.

Character introduction

  • JKマッチング♪ ~不感症のボクと相性MAXのキミ~ [熊鈴]

    Shiho Asakura/CV:Haru Koyama
    A matching JK.
    She doesn’t talk much and gives the impression of being cool.
    She loves cute things and loves to read shoujo manga.

    I’ve never had sex alone.
    I think I’m insensitive.


01_I’ve decided that my first time will be in my room(10min14sec)
02_I’ll support your ejaculation with hand job(20min19sec)
03_Ejaculate with tits masturbator(23min08sec)
04_Can you feel good with insensitive cunt? (25min33sec)
05. Let’s tongue kiss a lot(27:06)
06. Sex for making babies in the face-to-face position(19min33sec)
07_Dreaming and ear scratching(11min41sec)
08. Extra episode(1min 53sec)


Planning and production]Kuma-ring
Adapted by]Daisangen
Cast]Haru Koyama

Recording environment & recording time

  • JKマッチング♪ ~不感症のボクと相性MAXのキミ~ [熊鈴]

    It is recorded with a binaural microphone [KU100].
    We recommend you to use headphones or earphones to watch the video.
    This is a binaural recording of the entire film.

    Total 7 tracks: Total recording time 2 hours 19 minutes

Purchase bonus

-High quality package illustration (with differential of estrus)
-Sound only data (no sound effects)


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