【Cocu’s Room】Gym sex life – Gym fucking a healthy sports vagina

[Ranking]24 Hours:#24
Title:Gym sex life – Gym fucking a healthy sports vagina
Maker:Cocu’s Room
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Boobs, sports, Creampie, Shortcuts, Ponytail, Muscles, Brown/tan

I’m going to be a trainer and I’m going to corrupt the dirty members with sweaty sports activities! This is a CG collection of a gym harem where you fuck down the vagina that moves vigorously.

I’m going to fuck your healthy and active sports pussy all over the place!

63 basic CGs + alpha
506 pages of main story
Contains ver without characters
Total 939 pages

The world is in an unprecedented gym boom…
In the city, there were many gyms that catered to various needs, and they were all competing with each other.

One day, the main character is asked to be a special trainer at the gym. ────

The characters

Yuki Onuki, a boyish and energetic girl, is called the prince of the gymnastics club. She is unaware of the eroticism of her own body.

Wakana Ryuzaki is a strong girl with a tanned ponytail in the track and field club.

Naoho Umise has recently started to worry about her weight and has gone to the gym to lose weight.

Natsuki Fukume is the CEO of Fukume Gym, a charismatic instructor popular among young people.

Goh Karita, the main character who is frustrated and lacks exercise.


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