【PINK PUNK PRO】An irresistible 3P assortment! ~Immorality 3P Ecstasy, Back Ear Reflex~!

[Ranking]24 Hours:#24
Title:An irresistible 3P assortment! ~Immorality 3P Ecstasy, Back Ear Reflex~!

Release date:2021/05/02
Genre:lewdwords, binaural/damihe, VTuber, Decadence/immorality/immorality, Cheating, MultiplePlay/Orgy

This is the latest in a long line of videos featuring two of the most extreme production companies in the VTuber world, PINK PUNK PRO.

たまらき3P詰め合わせ!~背徳3Pえっち・裏耳かきリフレ~ [PINK PUNK PRO]

Two VTubers who are always working together will have a threesome with you in two different situations!
You can enjoy the immoral “behind-the-scenes" activities of Vtubers, such as seducing your sister’s husband and having an illicit threesome with him, and the secret service of ear scratching reflex.

The Vtubers you’ve always seen on the web, what do they look like when they get wild?
Please check it out for yourself!

Track 1: A drunken threesome with sisters who seduce their brother-in-law

たまらき3P詰め合わせ!~背徳3Pえっち・裏耳かきリフレ~ [PINK PUNK PRO]

1-1_While drinking(Prologue)
1-2_Two sisters-in-law’s close contact with both ears(breathing-ear torture-ear licking)
1-3_While my brother-in-law is on the phone(sister-in-law intertwining)
1-4_Being carried away by two people who can’t hold back(Caress – Ear licking)
1-5_Finally together(Licking both ears – Hand job – Mutual caress – Ejaculation – Epilogue)

Track 2 Special double course of ear licking reflex with nookie

たまらき3P詰め合わせ!~背徳3Pえっち・裏耳かきリフレ~ [PINK PUNK PRO]

2-1_Entering the store(Prologue)
2-2_Two of us (Nipple blame)
2-3_Ear service(Ear scratching)
2-4_While being blamed for ears(Licking both ears – masturbation – ejaculation)
2-5_Three persons(ear licking – 3P masturbation – ejaculation)
2-6_Keep going (Licking both ears – Hand job – Ejaculation)
2-7_Finally with 3 (Licking both ears – Hand job – Real thing – Ejaculation – Epilogue)

Included files

たまらき3P詰め合わせ!~背徳3Pえっち・裏耳かきリフレ~ [PINK PUNK PRO]

The audio is included in WAV format, which emphasizes sound quality, and in MP3 format, which is gentle on traffic!

[Benefit 1]
Contains a hidden audio file of a meeting between the two performers.
You can also enjoy the natural look of the two of them having a friendly meeting!

[Benefit 2]
Includes a freshly drawn illustration of the jacket, which is very fleshy and graphic!

Character introduction


たまらき3P詰め合わせ!~背徳3Pえっち・裏耳かきリフレ~ [PINK PUNK PRO]

She has been in the business for over 20 years. A VTuber production that leads the way in eroticism with the motto “More exciting than real, more vivid than virtual.
We’ve come to DLsite in order to develop extreme content that will inevitably result in channel bans on YouTube!


[Equipment used]
KU100 (studio recording)

Recording time]
Total 3 tracks: Total recording time: approx. 2.5 hours
(Separately, there are 12 separate wav/mp3 tracks)
There is no duplication of sound in this work.

[file format]
WAV/MP3(Integrated – Split)
MP3 is identical to the WAV content.
*High-resolution illustrations included

Production: PINK PUNK PRO
Cast:Erina Tamaki/Raki Nagarekawa
Script:Chicken Heart/Taizo Watanabe

Honorifics omitted


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