【Snake Cat World】Shy android’s pure love and loving service

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Title:Shy android’s pure love and loving service
Maker:Snake Cat World
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:robot/android, maid, lovey-dovey, Purelove, footjob, Creampie, Fellatio, OralEjaculation


I can’t hold back my love for my master anymore.
Lilia is a shy and withdrawn android.
This is a pure love story in which the shy and withdrawn android “Lilia" is loved sweetly anyway.

-I want to enjoy the sweet and naughty pure love.
-I want to wrap a shy girl with tenderness.
-I just want to be healed
We have created a work that will satisfy those who want to be healed.

The point of appeal is that Lilia becomes more and more aggressive with each passing episode.

I hope you will be healed by the lovely Lilia.

01-Will you let me help you relieve your frustration? (14:30)

Then use my hands.
I’ll use my hands to make you feel better, Master.
Oh, master’s cock is so hot.
And it’s kind of slippery.
What do you think, master?
I think my penis just popped.
He’s bobbing his head.
Master, are you feeling me?
I’m so happy
Please feel as much as you can.
Bounce in my hand.
Please feel so good!
You don’t have to do this kind of nasty stuff alone.
I’m an android, so I don’t have a lot of knowledge about sex.
I’m going to learn a lot and do anything and everything for my master.
(prologue/sweet handjob)

02- I will serve you with my mouth today (17:50)

Master’s cock
I can smell the sweat on you.
I can tell just by the smell of it!
It has a very distinctive smell.
It smells like a male.
I think I’m going to get addicted to it.
Cover your cock with your mouth.
chun chun chun
Roll it around in my mouth with your tongue.
Stimulate the plump tip with your tongue.
From the base to the tip
chun chun chun
Master, hurry up.
You may ejaculate at any time.
Master, put your sperm in my mouth.
Please give me every last drop.
Please put it all in my mouth.
(sweet blowjob / oral ejaculation / gobbling)

03-I’ll punish my perverted master with my foot (17:47)

How do you like the feel of knee socks?
Are they painful?
Next, I’m going to try using my toes to stimulate different things at the same time.
You look like you’re in pain.
Does it feel good enough to make you writhe?
The master is a pervert.
Master’s a pervert
Every time someone calls me a pervert, my penis twitches.
Master, you’re so cute.
Are you nearing your limit?
By the look of the penis and the expression on the master’s face.
I can see it in my hands.
You’re going to ejaculate.
Then make it easy for your master to ejaculate
I’ll give you the signal.
Please ejaculate when I say “pew".
Please squirt lots and lots of sperm on my legs.
(black knee-high boots/footjob/whispering/light verbal abuse/perverted play)

04-Master愛しています…1つになりたいです… (23:01)

My first kiss with my master
It tasted wonderful.
Just mouth to mouth with someone I love.
Why does it fill my heart with so much joy?
I want more of my master.
Please give me all of you, master.
I mean that
Please don’t make me tell the maiden anymore
Shall we have sex?
I want to be one with my master.
The highest form of affection between two people in love.

The first time I had sex, it went in me easily.
Look at this.
It’s all the way to the base.
Master, we’re finally together at last.
Master is coming into my body.
I love you, master.
I’m so happy嬉しいです…

You can thrust me harder if you want.
Master is too kind.
That’s one of the most attractive things about master.
The deepest part of my cunt
I’m so excited to have more cock in me.
Become a beast
I want to mate with you more.
(First deep kiss / big hold / Nakadashi)
Planning – Script – Editing Hebineko World

Sound Effects by tigerlily

Voice Actor Raimura Furan

01-Can I Help You Relieve Your Frustration? 14:30
02- I’ll be serving you with my mouth today 17:50
03-I will punish my perverted master with my feet 17:47
04-Master愛しています…1つになりたいです… 23:01

Total: about 1 hour and 13 minutes

→WAV file MP3 included
High resolution image illustration without logo included


Character introduction

内気なアンドロイドの純愛ラブラブご奉仕 [へびねこわーるど]

Story introduction

内気なアンドロイドの純愛ラブラブご奉仕 [へびねこわーるど]


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