【Ramune Blue】These pigs are covered in juice! A vile, two-faced flesh-eating toilet

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Title:These pigs are covered in juice! A vile, two-faced flesh-eating toilet

Maker:Ramune Blue
Release date:2021/04/22
Genre:Alotofjuice/liquid, ahegao, incest, Urinating/Peeing, Bigtits, Doubletits/monstertits/supertits, Bigtits, Brown/tan

I’m not going to be able to do anything about it. A collection of vile CG with lots of meat and juices flying around!

The main character has a peculiar constitution that makes her come into heat.
It’s time to take care of your sexual desires with a handy two-legged fleshlight! It’s like breathing out of your mouth on a dangerous day! What do you think? No, I don’t!

We’ve got a sassy big-boobed twin sister, a strong-hearted brown big-rooted twin JK with sagging breasts, and a perverted twin mom with super tits.

This is a CG collection of vulgar and irresponsible child making sex.

Big cock, Big tits, Big nipples, Big rings, Unwanted hair (some can be hidden), Big clitoris, Stupid face

It includes maniacal elements such as perch sucking, long tongue, breast milk, farting, urination, drooling, snot, and armpit odor.
Please note that there is a lot of vulgar and filthy depictions in general.

Contains 10 pages of basic CG and about 100 pages of diffs (including diffs that do not show unwanted hair).
Other diffs are also available.


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