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Title:[20% OFF for a limited time only][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural][Binaural
Release date:2021/04/28
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, sister, prostitution/enjoyment, HandJob, Creampie, Titties, Fellatio, Bigtits/bigtits

[Binaural] I like to spoil my sister’s sister life Chu!

~[Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural] [Binaural
20% OFF for 3 weeks from the start of the DL.

☆★☆★ 「[Binaural] I like to spoil my sister’s sister life Chu!」☆★☆★

~~~There are two kinds of versions of this work: one with or without a gag, and one with or without a kissing sound~~~.

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The story is about a woman who is struggling with her relationship with her boyfriend and meets a woman through a sisterhood app.

Her name is Yurine, and she is a kind woman just like your ideal, and she tells you that she wants a cute little brother.

You want to be pampered by the receptiveness of an older woman, and Yurine wants to take care of her little brother, with the aim of being alone with him.
You move the location from the coffee shop to a love hotel.

In the event that you’ve got a lot more than one of these, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got the right one.

Despite the fact that you have a lover, you are drowning in Yurine’s affection and attractive body.

Character introduction

【期間限定20% OFF】[Binaural] I like to spoil my sister's sister life Chu! [Hibiki-an]

-Yurine (CV:Natsuki Nogami)

Breast size: F cup

She is a kind, cheerful, and patient woman, but she has a trait that causes her to feel sexual pleasure when she is pampered.

She knows that you have a boyfriend, but whispers sweetly that it’s okay because you’re only sister and brother.

Track Content

■[Track01The first meeting at the coffee shop](04:49)

The woman who is my sister’s partner appears at the coffee shop where we met.
She calls herself Yurine, and immediately calls herself a big sister, and says she wants to go to a place where we can be alone together and go to a hotel.

I’m going to move to a hotel.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a hotel.
(lap pillow/hand job/ear licking)

You’re kneeling on a hotel bed, having your head stroked, and the feel of your thighs gives you an erection.
Yurine [don’t hold back, I want you to spoil me sexually as well] and reaches for your penis.
She gives you a pampering ear licking hand job.

■[Track03 It’s a moist and pampering cowgirl position](23:46)
(cowgirl sex / ear licking / Creampie)

If you’ve been having trouble having sex with your girlfriend, and you’ve been masturbating lately…
Get more pleasure than your first time with Yurion’s exhaustive cowgirl position.
At the end, she ejaculates inside Yurine’s body, while being pampered by her.

■[Track04Do you like soft and fluffy pie blowjobs?] (20:13)
(Blowjob / Paisley / Paisley Blowjob)

Later, Yurine visits the hero’s house.
After gently kissing and licking around the tip of your cock, according to your wishes.
She squeezes it out of you with a paizuri blowjob.

■[Track05Nipple torture handjob for a hurried ejaculation](21:07)
(nipple torture/handjob/ear licking)

When Yurine sees your still large cock, she presses her tits against you.
She milks them with nipple torture and ear licking hand jobs.

[Track06Please put a lot of it inside me](23:18)
(Sex / Kissing / Nakadashi)

At the end, she spoils Yurine’s body in normal position.
As you become more and more aroused by the difference in reaction from your lover, you ejaculate while Yurine holds you close.
Afterwards, you are squeezed again in cowgirl position as a thank you for your hard work.

[Track07Can you leave the cleaning blowjob to your sister?] (12:58)
(cleaning blowjob)

As you try to wipe your penis after ejaculating, Yurine smiles gently at you and says

I’m sure you’ll have a great time.
I thought she was going to wipe it off for me, but instead, Yurine ran her outstretched tongue over my penis.

She sucks on my penis, which is covered in bodily fluids, and licks every inch of it.

Recording time: 131 minutes


Cover illustration (with and without logo)

Free talk(13:47)


[Voice actors]

Ms. Natsuki Nogami
Twitter : https://twitter.com/p_o_g_s2

Illustration by

Ms. Massan
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Massan0327
HP : https://m-family.tumblr.com/

Scenario creation

Asukii Kyubu
Twitter : https://twitter.com/tukasa_ascii
HP : https://asciicube.wordpress.com/

[Logo creation]

Prince Niku Jagaji
Twitter : https://twitter.com/nikujyagaouji

[Planning and production]

Twitter : https://twitter.com/hibiki__an
Ci-en : https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2676


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