【18 Forbidden Sound Circle [Reihan] (Japanese)】Master-slave reversal – Lolita vampire love rubbing sex

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Title:Master-slave reversal – Lolita vampire love rubbing sex
Maker:18 Forbidden Sound Circle [Reihan] (Japanese)
Release date:2021/04/19
Genre:Lolita, squire, Fellatio, Rape, ReverseRape, DeepThroating

Master-Servant Inversion~Lolita vampire love love love sex [18禁音声サークル「凌辱」]

[ Oh, stop your foot!
What are you trying to do instead of listening to me?
If you jump off a building, you can’t suck blood!
From a mess of a mess
I’d rather not suck the blood out of a mess! ] [

When I was working at a black company and contemplating suicide, I was approached by a blonde girl vampire and I gave her my blood, thinking that I would die anyway. He was bitten by her, which caused his body to go into a state of panic and run out of control. He temporarily loses his reason and forcibly rapes her like a beast. Later, he sincerely regrets his actions, pledges his loyalty as her servant, and begins his second life. When he is bitten, he is actually dead as a human being, but he thinks that this is a trivial matter for him.

This is the story of a vampire who has been bitten by a vampire.


Master-Servant Inversion
~Lolita vampire love love love sex


<< 収録内容 >> wav/SE有無×2ver. 合計:約112分

The only surviving vampire in the indian world.
The only surviving vampire in the world, he failed to survive his species and was about to die while worshipping the sunrise.
In the event that you’re a vampire, you’re going to need to be able to find a way to get rid of it.

02H Scene (Foreplay + Blow Job, Deep Throating)
kudos to you, kudos to you, kudos to you, kudos to you.
Foreplay + light blowjob, then deep Throating.

03H scene(Rape)
I took her virginity.
Due to the vampire’s unique regenerative abilities, the virgin membrane regenerates.

04Daily Scene
indian indian indian indian indian indian indian indian
You are the one who has to cook, do the laundry, clean the house, and do the shopping.
In this article, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your purchase.

05H scenes (reverse rape, blowjob)
┗On the night of the full moon, the tingling in the body does not stop due to the arousal of the magic power, and the reverse rape from her side.
A blowjob while playing with the male organ.

06H scene (lovey-dovey sex)
┗ lovemaking talk.
Three days and three nights of intense sex.


08 Epilogue II


Script: Koorogi Atelier
< https://twitter.com/ScenarioKoa >

Illustration: Kuzu Hamire
< http://mire00xxx.wix.com//glory >

Voice actor: Ryouka Minase
< https://twitter.com/suzuka_minase >

Effect: OtoLogic
< https://otologic.jp/ >

Doujin Circle [Rape].
< https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG15563.html >



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