【Catastrophe Lab】Otona Akachan – Babu Babu Ogiya!

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Title:Otona Akachan – Babu Babu Ogiya!
Maker:Catastrophe Lab
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:lewdwords, mother, hairyface, “Mothersmilk", Verbalabuse, maleacceptance, Bigtits/bigtits, Foreskin

You and your mom? You and your mom?
I want to be a baby! I want to empty my head!
I want to be a baby!

Binaural voice for you to feel like a baby mama!
A binaural voice that will make you and your mom feel like babies!

Babu ogiya masturbation support
When you’re in baby voice, don’t think about it.

This is a binaural recording, so headphones or earphones are recommended for best results.

Scene Introduction
0_Prologue 01:34

Hi, baby…welcome to the Babu Babu Club…
It’s a baby, so please empty your head and say [oggie].

1_BubmamaPipuPipu 15:04

Oh, he’s so cute.

My penis is so small and cute…
There is an ejaculation part.

2_Bubmama tits 16:45

A small dick can quickly ejaculate in a pee.

I’m going to drink lots of milk from my mom’s breasts so I can pee all the time.

There is an ejaculation part.

3-1_BubmamaPelobuchu 06:04

3-2_BabmamaJuboFella 02:30

3-3_Bubmama Sekuchu1 05:01

3-4_Bubmama Sekuchu2 01:26

3-5_Bubmama Sekuchu3 03:45

Ooh, cock jubbo jubbo… ♪ Ooh, cock jubbo jubbo ♪

It feels so good!

There is an ejaculation part.

[Play time: 52 minutes total (excluding duplicates)
The mp3 version is also included in the package. If you want to watch it in your browser, we recommend this one.
There are some parts with ejaculation sounds.

Staff Introduction
CV Mr. Ryoki Ryo
Illustration by Deyuyama
Production: Catastrophe Lab

Aamaama Mama

おとなあかちゃん~バブバブおぎゃぎゃ~ [カタストlab]

A mom who loves to play hide-and-seek with her baby.

Baby Mama

おとなあかちゃん~バブバブおぎゃぎゃ~ [カタストlab]

When you do a lot of H stuff with your cock and pussy
Moms become babies too.


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