【Growing up in the mountains】Lotus and Kappa

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Title:Lotus and Kappa
Maker:Growing up in the mountains
Release date:2021/04/18


Hasumi, who is not good at talking about her love life, is an ordinary student. She has a childhood friend who is a kappa. She has a kappa childhood friend, and other than the fact that she has a friend who is a bit strange, her days are peaceful. There are 23 pages of text and 1 page each of the cover and inside cover, for a total of 25 pages.


同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite
同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite


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