【Sawdust Palace】Mr. Dominant Incompetent is a shit slave

[Ranking]24 Hours:#25
Title:Mr. Dominant Incompetent is a shit slave
Maker:Sawdust Palace
Release date:2021/04/26
Genre:fetish, maniac/pervert, footjob, SM, Verbalabuse, ReverseRape, Urination/Peeing, Scatology

If you’re too stupid to get a contract, you’ll just have to be my slave, okay?

This is an audio piece for masochists who are disciplined by their peers with armpits, feet, farts, and poo.
Enjoy the rich smell of the binaural recording.

♪ The full story ♪

■01 sniffing slave(19:10)
You’re a fucking incompetent layman who can’t get a single contract despite being with the company for three years.
Miho Fujino, one of my colleagues, offers me a proposal: …….

“This guy’s a real jerk.

You’re really sniffing my feet.
I’m not a fan. You’re on your knees to your peers and they’re sniffing your feet.
It’s really shameful~ Aren’t you the most lame person in humanity right now?]

[Kneeling, foot sniffing, spitting, foot odor ejaculation]

02 zabuton slaves (19:17)
You’ve been taken advantage of by Miho Fujino, and you’re forced to serve her as a “zabuton".
What awaited me was a hell of unimaginable smell.

“Oh, my stomach doesn’t seem to be feeling well today.

I can’t stop smelly farts at all.
Thank goodness I have a cushion handy.
I’m so glad I have a reasonable cushion to sit on.] [

Ass smell blame, fart blame, water blame, oversized fart, peeing poo blame, urination blame]

03 two slaves (15:27)
You have been taken to Miho Fujino’s home for a drink.
The one who was there was Azusa Yamashita, her junior.
You’re a slave, and they’re playing with you as a snack.

I’m glad to hear that. You are now our urinal, right?]
[Yes. You’re going to be our poopie.
Don’t worry. I’ll dump the case on you at random.] [
You’re a keeper for life. [
[I’ll just eat crap for the rest of my life]
[You’re a good fit for an asshole] [You’re a good fit for an asshole] [You’re a good fit for an asshole]

[double armpit odor blame, double foot odor blame, double fart blame, double defecation blame]

♪ Included ♪

-The full story
-Image without title logo
-Diff without sound effects

As a bonus, farting and defecation diff images are also included!

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You are our shit slave

  • ドMの無能くんは糞奴隷 [sawdust palace]

    -Miho Fujino
    A very successful elite saleswoman.
    She is a genius who knows ten things by hearing one. She is flexible, witty, and highly regarded by those around her.
    They look down on you as a foolish incompetent and try to make you their slave to pass the time.
    He loves to humiliate men. He has a strong sense of scatology.

  • ドMの無能くんは糞奴隷 [sawdust palace]

    -Azusa Yamashita
    She is one year behind Miho.
    Not as good as Miho, but an excellent saleswoman.
    She respects Miho very much and, in contrast, dismisses you as incompetent.
    The type of person who is friendly and can attack people and get along with them.


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