【The Nation of Head Scissors】Girls Beat! -vs- My

[Ranking]24 Hours:#24
Title:Girls Beat! -vs- My
Maker:The Nation of Head Scissors
Release date:2021/04/16
Genre:Wrestler/MartialArtist, MartialArts, SM, Verbalabuse, Maleacceptance, Torture

M fighting lynching of virgin killers!!!!

A short virgin senpai who will be forced to work as a human toilet if she can’t get over her virginity.
I received an e-mail introducing a love application. Grasping at straws, I register, but it turns out to be a registration for “Beat!

What is the fate of Senpai, who is tricked by a fake email created by his junior colleague Mai?

A short virgin who will be forced to work as a human toilet if she doesn’t outgrow her virginity.
He is honest and foolish, so he is a loser in every way. He has no motor skills whatsoever.
She has become a sandbag for the younger girls.

Mai (special appearance):
A genuine “Dosu" fighting girl. She prefers to use strangulation and joint techniques rather than striking.
She’s a bit of a douchebag, but she’s still a good fighter.
They also love to use their virginity as bait to bring down their senpai and push them physically and socially.

(マイ登場作品【短小童貞フルボッコ遊戯1】:https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ195388.html )

A matching site that brings martial artists together.
There is an expensive registration fee for male fighters, but female fighters can use the site for free.
This site uses unique AI technology to introduce you to fighters with similar abilities to yours, and even provides you with a place to fight.

You can’t choose your opponent from the male side, but there is a system where the female side can nominate an opponent.
In the event of a battle between men and women, the women’s side has the authority to decide the terms of the match, so the design is somewhat female-dominated.

It is run by a women’s professional wrestling organization called [Thanatos].

18 pages of main story + 1 page of cover

[Production team].

Mr. Blue Lemon

Mr. Toppogi
(https://twitter.com/goripogi )

-Planning -Screenplay -Original Idea
The Nation of Head Scissors
(http://tnhs.x.fc2.com )


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