【Dictatorship Switch】New club members dance naked! The harsh vertical society of the cheer club

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Title:New club members dance naked! The harsh vertical society of the cheer club
Maker:Dictatorship Switch
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:boobs, lolita, School/college, Outdoor, Exposure

Take it off! Dance in your underwear!

We enrolled in a school known for its prestigious cheerleading squad.
As you would expect from such a prestigious school, a lot of freshmen girls want to join the club.
But not everyone can join the club. The cheerleading club, which was known to be tough, seemed to have an entrance exam for dance.
I want to pass and join the club at all costs! We are about to show off the dance moves we have been practicing, but the senior girls suddenly
[Take off your clothes! We’re going to dance naked!]
We were about to perform the dance we had been practicing, when the older girl suddenly said, [Take off your clothes!
We were upset. But the seniors forced us to strip naked and dance naked one by one on a special stage outside the club room.
In addition, there are men’s cheerleading squads waiting in the audience with their phones in their hands.

I’m not kidding, there’s no way a girl can dance in this place!

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.
The girls are crucified one after the other, and their nakedness is closely watched.

—It’s time to dance. We decided to dance in front of the boys in our natural state.

[Hey! Raise your feet higher!]
[I can’t see you, open up more!]
[Ha ha! You have tiny tits!]
The abuse from the boys was relentless, and we were…
And some of the girls were even forced to do tricks like comaneci…

16 basic CGs
192 pages including differences
Exposure shame CMNF work. It’s mainly naked girls. There is no intercourse scene.


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