【MILK STANDARD】A girl from a land far from the fish skirt

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Title:A girl from a land far from the fish skirt
Release date:2021/04/15
Genre:boobs, lolita, paizuri, “Mothersmilk", Japanesesex, Blondes, Bigtits/bigtits, virgin

I’m having lovey-dovey sex with a new student with big blonde hair and big tits.

A transfer student from a foreign country arrives in the classroom of Keito, a student with nothing but time on his hands.

A beautiful girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and breasts that you wouldn’t expect from a student.
Her name was Kate. Coincidentally, her name is the same as Keito’s, and she is very friendly, so we quickly got to know each other.

But it never occurred to me at the time that we would end up getting to know each other on the lower half of our bodies.

There is breast milk expression.
The sample is tightly modified.
14 pages of text. pdf included.
This work is a modified version of the one distributed at Comic Market 90.


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