【Ojisando】KU100] Arcadia Online – Brainwashed by a Female Soldier and Trained as a Set with Her Childhood Friend’s Lover – [Hypnosis / Stew Included].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#16, 7 Days:#35
Title:KU100] Arcadia Online – Brainwashed by a Female Soldier and Trained as a Set with Her Childhood Friend’s Lover – [Hypnosis / Stew Included].
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, hypnoticvoice, Collar/chain/restraint, Sexchange(TS), Cuckold, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Corruption, Brainwashing

Welcome to the VR game [Arcadia Online]

【KU100】アルカディアオンライン ~女軍人に洗脳されて、幼馴染の恋人とセットで調教されちゃう~【催眠/シチュ同梱】 [お嬢さん堂]

[You are not worthy to be the strongest].

  • 【KU100】アルカディアオンライン ~女軍人に洗脳されて、幼馴染の恋人とセットで調教されちゃう~【催眠/シチュ同梱】 [お嬢さん堂]

    Rouge (CV:Ms. Ryoko Tezuka)
    One of the next generation of a certain conglomerate that runs Arcadia Online.
    A member of the ruling class since birth. A woman born with a natural talent for making money and fighting. She has been a member of the ruling class since birth.
    Arrogant and irreverent. Although she is not aware of it, she is a natural people person who takes good care of others. He gathers talented people and works in the dark to fulfill his own ambitions.

  • 【KU100】アルカディアオンライン ~女軍人に洗脳されて、幼馴染の恋人とセットで調教されちゃう~【催眠/シチュ同梱】 [お嬢さん堂]

    Sumire (CV: Yomiko Aoi Kyuka)
    Your partner and lover in [Arcadia Online]. It’s been two months since you suddenly lost touch with her. He stands in front of you as an enemy.
    He has already been brainwashed by Rouge, and although he has memories of the listener, he puts Rouge first in everything.
    After the brainwashing, he has a gentle but indifferent voice and is not interested in anything other than Rouge. Her original personality is honest and kind, and she is a legitimate heroine.
    In the FPS server of [Arcadia Online], he was a genius sniper [long arm].

    You and I live far away from each other, and have been in a long-distance relationship for about five years. I’ve only had sex once in real life.

  • 【KU100】アルカディアオンライン ~女軍人に洗脳されて、幼馴染の恋人とセットで調教されちゃう~【催眠/シチュ同梱】 [お嬢さん堂]

    Main character (listener)
    An active player on the FPS server of Arcadia Online.
    He uses stealth to his advantage.
    He is known as the “Black Hammer" because by the time he sees the black figure, it is too late to stop him.

    Originally from an upper class background. From a young age, he had a flair for programming. However, he and his parents were accused of innocence (hacking) and fell into multiple debts. They lost everything and had to run away at night. Even now, after his parents committed suicide, he still owes a lot of money.
    I’ve been trying to find the person who set me up, while paying for it with Arcadia Online.

【KU100】アルカディアオンライン ~女軍人に洗脳されて、幼馴染の恋人とセットで調教されちゃう~【催眠/シチュ同梱】 [お嬢さん堂]

[play description]
Ear licking – brainwashing – caressing – gazing – defeating freak show sex – impatience
Masturbation – Defeat sex – Gun sucking – Nakadashi – Pleasure amplification (tying sound to sex)
Begging – Video Streaming – Collar – Sensory Synchronization – Licking Service
Beastly Mating – Gazing – Continuous Climaxing (leaning towards self) – Continuous Climaxing (leaning towards dry)
Mechanical Rape – Tentacle – Aphrodisiac Lotion – Anal – Two Hole Torture

[approximate play time]
-About 40 minutes (minimum configuration after the second time) -About 120 minutes (maximum configuration after the first time)

[For Men/Common List (Hypnosis Voice Version)]]

  • Tr1_Common_Welcome to Arcadia
  • Tr2_Male_Login
  • Tr3_Common_The_Crimson_Woman_and_The_Long_Arm
  • Tr4_Common_Brainwashing [ear licking – brainwashing].
  • Tr5_Male_First_Time_Part_A_Lovely_Spectacle_Mating[Caressing-Visualizing-Defeating_Spectacle_Sex-Pushing]
  • Tr6_Male_Second Time On A Part_You’re Happy To Be Used, Aren’t You? [caress – masturbation – defeat sex – gun sucking].
  • Tr9_Male_First-Time_Part_B_Brainwashing_Noise [Pleasure Amplification (Tying Sound to Sexuality) – Begging – Video Transmission].
  • Tr10_Male_Second_and_after_part_B_your_all_is_mine [Pleasure amplification (sound and sex) – collar – sensory synchronization – licking service].
  • Tr11_Male_Part_C_Enjoying_the_beast_mating
  • Tr13_Man_Part_C_Jumping around like a fish? [Amplification of pleasure (linking sound and sexual sensation) – rape – continuous climax (leaning dry)].
  • Tr14_Male_Part_C_Isn’t it beautiful like a flower? [mechanical rape – tentacles – aphrodisiac lotion – anal – continuous climax (more like self)].
  • Tr16_Common_Logout
  • Tr17_Male_Welcome_Welcome_Back
  • Tr17-1_Common_Brainwashing
  • Tr18_Other_in_the_real_world
  • Free talk_Ryoko Tezuka-sama
  • Free Talk by Yuka Aoi

[For TS / For Women (Hypnotic Voice Version)]]

  • Tr2_TS_Login
  • Tr2_Women_Login
  • Tr7_Women-TS_First_Part_A_Lovely_Spectacle_Seeding_Mating [Caressing-Visualizing-Defeating_Spectacle_Sex-Pricking-Nakadashi]
  • Tr8_Women-TS_Second Time On A Part_You’re Happy To Be Used, Aren’t You? [caressing – masturbation – defeating sex].
  • Tr9_Women-TS_First Time After B Part_Brainwashing Noise [Pleasure Amplification (Connecting Sound and Sexuality) – Begging – Video Transmission].
  • Tr10_Women-TS_Second and later part B_Your all belong to me [Pleasure amplification (sound and sexuality) – collar – sensory synchronization – licking service].
  • Tr12_TS_Part_C_You_are_my_beast[Mating – Rape – Continuous_climax(leaning on self)
  • Tr12_Women_Part_C_You_are_my_beast_of_a_circle [Mating – Rape – Continuous_climax(Self-pleasuring)]]
  • Tr13_Women_TS_Part_C_Jumping around like a fish? [Amplification of Pleasure (Linking Sound and Sexuality) – Visual Rape – Continuous Climax (More Dry)].
  • Tr15_TS_Part_C_Happy to be dominated [mechanic rape – tentacle – aphrodisiac lotion – two hole attack – continuous climax (more like self)].
  • Tr15_Women_Part_C_Being_dominated_is_a_happiness [Rape – Tentacle – Aphrodisiac Lotion – Two Holes – Continuous Climaxing (Selfish)].
  • Tr17_TS_Welcome back
  • Tr17_Women_Welcome_Back

We use hypnosis techniques, but not all people can be put into a hypnotic state.
Please note that not all people can be put into a hypnotic state.

-The hypnosis version and the situation version are included in this package.
(Some parts are common between the hypnosis version and the situation version)

-Please make sure to watch both the hypnosis version and the situation version in a situation where you can fall asleep.
Also, please read the text before listening.

-Please make a playlist as follows
Put together a playlist like the one below and compose your own story by combining your favorite situations.
-For the first time, 01→02→03→04→[Combine the following parts freely]→16_Logout.
-17 for the second time and onwards (17-1 if you want to be brainwashed) -> [combine the parts freely below] -> 16_Logout.
-One from part A.
-One from part B.
-Repeat part C as many times as you like.
Compose your own story by combining your favorite situations.

-For TS -For women, the content is about being tortured by futanari girls.
If you don’t like it, please close it.

Production information

Scenario: KanoZue-sama – Kusahara – Imperial Rina
Cover illustration by Chie Masami
Listener illustration: Ms. Tamako
Voice actor:
-Rouge/Narration: Ms. Ryoko Tezuka
-Sumire/Navi: Ms. Aoi Yuka
Logo:Ms. Tna

-All rights reserved by the author. All rights reserved.
Please refrain from duplicating, distributing, uploading, or distributing the audio work or illustrations without permission.


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