【Huggle Malolo】Secrets of a Parent and Child Part 1 [My Son’s Secret]

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Title:Secrets of a Parent and Child Part 1 [My Son’s Secret]
Maker:Huggle Malolo
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:fetish, “mansdaughter", cosplay, Cross-dressing, HandJob, Fellatio, Shame/Humiliation, anal

This is a story about a rebellious, tyrannical son who is being played with, dug up, and made to fall into the female sex.

The main character is a tutor who visits a family.
I’ve been assigned to take care of Mahiro Tsukimoto, the son of a single parent.

The first day, he was tormented by his maniacal personality and rebellious attitude.

One day, the hero accidentally witnessed Mahiro masturbating.
He becomes lustful towards Mahiro, a man, and uses the video of his masturbation as a story.
He crosses the line.

The end result of Mahiro’s awakening to the joys of being a female.

14 basic CGs + alpha
254 pages in total including differences (127 pages with text + 127 pages without text)


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