【The worst pigsty】Is it true that idol Ruka Kisaragi’s biological masturbator will be distributed to the whole world for free?

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Title:Is it true that idol Ruka Kisaragi’s biological masturbator will be distributed to the whole world for free?
Maker:The worst pigsty
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Piercings/Decorations, Celebrity/Idol/Model, Exposure, Demon, Scatology, Expansion, Pubichair/armpithair, Humanbodymodification

Original idol humiliation human body modification novel CG collection.


The mother who had embarrassing tattoos carved all over her body and was made to look like a color crazy person
In order to protect her, Ruka makes her debut as an idol in her mother’s place.
I was prepared for the nightly sexual entertainment and eventually to be corrupted into pornography.
But this was not a friendly office that would be satisfied with just letting her fall into porn…

I was forced to take on more debt.
Ruka is forced to be a model for a horrible project called the “Free Man Project".
Ruka is forced to model for a disgusting project called the [Free Man Project].
She made her debut in the worst AV, exposing her shameful naked body to the whole world.

But her AV debut was only a preparatory exercise for the “free man project"…


The heroine is ostensibly an innocent idol, but behind the scenes she is being forced to perform sexual services.

But she has the strength to endure for her mother’s sake.

The heroine is forced into pornography.
And then, her shame is exposed to the whole world.
The world will say that she is the worst woman in the world, and she will be corrupted.

*This is a series, but the last one
[Is it true that former innocent idol Mie Suzuha is returning to the entertainment industry after 15 years as a perverted masochistic actress?]
The heroine of the story, Mie, is not that deeply involved in the story.

I think you’ll enjoy this story on its own.
*There is some hard body modification using drugs and surgery.
*Please note that there are some scatological expressions.
*If you don’t like it, please don’t read it.

13 basic pages (including diffs from previous work), 67p main story + 66p diffs without text = 133p


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