【Thana-ya Honpo】One summer day of me and my sister.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#13
Title:One summer day of me and my sister.
Maker:Thana-ya Honpo
Release date:2021/04/16
Genre:Shota, purelove, Oneshota, Nakadashi, Japanesesex, ReverseRape, maleacceptance, Bigtits/bigtits

A summer memory of me and my mysterious sister.

It was – a boiling midsummer day.

This is the story of a young girl who, due to family reasons, had to stay at her grandfather’s house in the countryside.
I was looking forward to seeing my sister, who I used to play with a lot, and that became my purpose in a way.

When I asked my grandpa about my sister, he misunderstood, and I was wondering at night if something was wrong…

[it’s been a while].
When I asked my grandfather about my sister, he misunderstood.
As soon as I met her, she suddenly took my lips.

That’s when the older sister started to give me a hard time.

What’s wrong with my sister?

This is a pure love sex manga with a mostly female lead.
I’ve been working on this for a few years now.

Cover design by Yuuhi
Black and white manga (32 pages)
Image size 1033×1445
File format PNG

[As a bonus for the DL version, a version without the logo on the cover is enclosed!]

Characters in the game

  • 僕とお姉ちゃんの或る夏の日。 [薺屋本舗]

    Big sister
    The older sister of a childhood friend who lives in the countryside. She used to play with me a lot.

  • 僕とお姉ちゃんの或る夏の日。 [薺屋本舗]

    I had to go back to the country once for family reasons. I love my sister.


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