【Furamusofuto】The Brave One Can’t Escape

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#28
Title:The Brave One Can’t Escape
Release date:2021/04/13
Genre:Succubus/whore, fantasy, Creampie, ReverseRape, malepenetration

Current ver101

Story outline ■.
[Too bad. You can’t escape from here, brave boy.
So let’s get comfortable with me] [

A brave man who went to defeat the demon king to save the world.
But he’s trapped in a space ruled by a whore!

What will become of his fate?
The whore has sucked up all of his levels, but
It is up to the player to shake off the temptation and escape the space.

Game Contents
This is a puzzle solving game with meta elements.
In order to proceed with the game, you will need to have the following information in your game folder
file in the game folder.

Some sex scenes may suck out the main character’s level.
Nothing too hard, somewhat M-oriented.

4 basic CG (about 4 H scenes)
1 basic standing picture (with expression difference)
Illustration: Urokozuki
Title and others:Nemuko Urabe

Game resolution: 1280×720
With message skip and backlog
Scene recollection, CG mode available

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