【Anastico Project】Mom’s stinky smell is to blame

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Title:Mom’s stinky smell is to blame
Maker:Anastico Project
Release date:2021/04/16
Genre:fetish, handjob, footjob, Verbalabuse, Maleacceptance

This is a fetish piece where you are forced to sniff socks and boots that are stained with your mom’s stinky smell!
This is a fetish piece where you are made to smell your mom’s stinky socks and boots.


01I’m blamed for my mom’s stinky socks (18:30)

You’ve been caught masturbating in your mom’s socks.
Your mom comes to your room and shows you pictures and videos of the evidence.
She presses the smelly socks to your nose like you were masturbating, makes you smell them, and gives you a hand job with the socks.

02Mom’s smelly boots blamed on me (15:25)

You are a prisoner of your mom’s stinky smell.
You beg and beg to smell your mommy’s boots.
You cover your nose with her stinky boots, let her smell you, and give her a footjob with your slippery feet.

03 smelly stinky calls (5:12)

This is a five minute loop of audio for masturbation, recorded in binaural.
This is a binaural audio loop of about five minutes for masturbation support. The right whispers socks and the left whispers boots.

There is no SE in the entire video.

Mr. Ryoki Ryo

Mr. Milele

Anastico Project


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