【Sasanoha Toro】~A cute boy is a sex worker – Chiaki-kun has been chosen!

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Title:~A cute boy is a sex worker – Chiaki-kun has been chosen!
Maker:Sasanoha Toro
Release date:2021/04/11
Genre:crosssection, “mansdaughter", school/college, DailyLife, Harem, Nakadashi, ReverseRape

[Voting results are in for who will be the sexual servant to the women in your class].
“Is it XX-kun, the handsome one in the class or ◇-kun, the athletic one?

“I voted for Chiaki, and I’m the one who’s going to do the sex work?

A sex worker who can have sex with the girls in her class every day!

As a result of the voting, the one chosen was neither handsome nor athletic.
It’s the cute boy, Chiaki, who has been chosen!

As for the reason why he was chosen…
“He’s going to be nice to me, and he’s small enough that I’ll be able to beat him when the time comes.

I’d like to see what a ding dong is] [She looks like a girl, so she’ll probably be fine].
[I’d rather fuck her].
I’m sure you’ll like it. I’d rather fuck her.

The gyaru-chan of the class, the serious chairwoman, the club girls, even the seniors and teachers.

It’s a harem of girls and sex.

In fact, it’s a rule to wear a condom, but the girl insists and in the end, I’m going to cum inside her vagina!

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and I’m really enjoying it.
This is the story of Chiaki’s harem life at school.


This is the story of Chiaki, a cute boy in my class.
It’s a color manga about a sex-treatment harem with the girls in the class.

Introduction of the characters

A cute boy in the class who looks like a girl. He is kind, warm, and looks like a small animal.
He plays the role of Thao in this movie. He will do his best to make you cum.

The blonde-haired girl in the class who loves sex. She has a bright and open personality.
She is a very attractive girl.
She’s a good girl who gets along with everyone in her class.

[Serious Chairperson-chan]
The serious chairwoman of the class who keeps discipline.
She’s got glasses and pigtails as her charm points.
They have sex with each other, adhering to the rule of wearing condoms.

“What? Aren’t you guys wearing condoms?

[tall brown girl in track and field]
The ace of the women’s track and field team. She has a tan.
She’s the tallest girl in the class, and with Chiaki’s height, it’s going to be difficult to have sex with her…?

[Masked girl in the class next door]
The masked gal in the class next door who often hangs out with the gals.
The opposite of a cheerful girl, she is a downer. But she likes to have sex.
She came to Chiaki’s place when she heard that a cute girl was going to do her sex work for her.

[First Time Girl]
A girl in my class who I want to have sex with as soon as possible. She belongs to the tennis club.
I’m a little impatient to hear that all the girls around me are experienced.
She comes to ask Chiaki for help with her sex life.

[handsome senior girl]
A handsome female senior who is the leader of the women’s kendo club. He has a beautiful figure and
He is popular with both men and women, but he has a habit of saying things in a certain way.
I’ve been invited to lunchtime. I’ll do my best to handle the sex.

[Ms. Girl Ballet]
This is a girl in my class who belongs to the women’s volleyball club. She has large, soft breasts in many places. She has the biggest tits in her class.
I’ve been asked to do some sex work before club activities, and I’m going to do it raw and sweet in my ballet practice clothes.

[homeroom teacher in class].
The homeroom teacher of Chiaki’s class. She is in charge of mathematics.
This is the first time I’ve seen her in a classroom.
She is in her early thirties. She likes to drink and is looking for a boyfriend.
I’m a teacher.

[Teacher in the nurse’s office].
The kind teacher in the nurse’s office who acts as an interviewer for the sex worker.
She regularly meets with Chiaki-kun and takes care of his body.

This story is fictional.
This story is fictional and is not related to any real person, organization, or incident.


Production: Sasanoha Toro
Contains 24 color comics (20 color text + 4 extra comics)


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