【Cum Cum Creampie】[Extreme ear licking] Can I have a chubby chubby? I’d like to know what you think of this.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#46
Title:[Extreme ear licking] Can I have a chubby chubby? I’d like to know what you think of this.
Maker:Cum Cum Creampie
Release date:2021/04/22
Genre:lewdwords, Binaural/Damihe, Creampie, Paizuri, Earlicking

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【極め耳舐め】ちゅぱちゅぱさせてもらえませんか? 崖っぷちサキュバスの耳舐めご奉仕大射精【よわよわお○んこポンコツサキュバス】 [Cum Cum Creampie]
【極め耳舐め】ちゅぱちゅぱさせてもらえませんか? 崖っぷちサキュバスの耳舐めご奉仕大射精【よわよわお○んこポンコツサキュバス】 [Cum Cum Creampie]


VOICE LOVER x miyabi (Wisdom Seed) teamed up to create a new circle

The name is
[Cum Cum Creampie] ← look up the meaning by yourself (it means obscene)

VOICE LOVER & HORNET’s high quality work was created
It is recorded at Studio Berry, which has produced high quality works of VOICE LOVER & HORNET!

High quality!
High quality sound!
Studio Berry is the only place where you can get the best ear lick.

The maiden work of the circle is the work of the famous ear licking succubus and senbero.
The perfect example of “ear licking"! Yusa Mikoto!

This time, she will be playing the role of a girl who is in danger of disappearing due to her inability to collect semen.
You’re a bad succubus on the edge of a cliff

You’ll be able to find out more about the best way to get the most out of your wedding.

What is this?
The following high quality sound files are included.
MP3 version (48kHz Fraunhofer – CBR 320 kbps)
→A common format that can be played on most devices, compressed at the highest quality CBR 320 kbps in MP3.
FLAC version (96kHz 24bit lossless)
→FLAC format with no degradation in sound quality due to compression. High quality sound, but large file size.

[Full Version]
01_Would you share your semen with a punk-ass succubus? (03:36)
02_Weak Succubus’s Squishy Blow Job & Hand Job (20:08) (03:36)
03_Resurrection Succubus’s Licking Finger & Nipple Torture (24:17)
04_Awakening Succubus’s ear licking (35:44)
05_Lewd Succubus’s cowgirl & ear licking (16:59)
06. Fallen succubus’s loving blowjob (15:21)
07_Extras_Ear Licking Right (11:32)
08_Extras_Ear Licking Left (11:32)
09_Extras_Ear Licking for the sake of mastery (11:24)

Various other arranged tracks

Total time: about 2 hours 30 minutes


Production Cum Cum Creampie
CV Mikoto Yusa (Twitter @mikoto_yusa)
Illustration Koukoku (Twitter @koukoku0716)
Script by miyabi (Wisdom Seed Twitter @xxxchienomixxx)
Recording and editing Studio Berry
Graphic Design Black Necco
Supervision VOICE LOVER

This is a binaural work, recorded with a binaural microphone.
Please enjoy it with headphones.

No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented in any form or by any means without permission.

【極め耳舐め】ちゅぱちゅぱさせてもらえませんか? 崖っぷちサキュバスの耳舐めご奉仕大射精【よわよわお○んこポンコツサキュバス】 [Cum Cum Creampie]


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