【Hinagiku-tei】Sex life with a downer junior who makes out with you every day

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Title:Sex life with a downer junior who makes out with you every day
Release date:2021/04/11
Genre:Noreversals, binaural/damihe, VTuber, Lolita, Love/Love/Amaaaa, Creampie, SM, BlowJob


ダウナー系の後輩と毎日イチャらぶする性活 [ひなぎく亭]


ダウナー系の後輩と毎日イチャらぶする性活 [ひなぎく亭]


ダウナー系の後輩と毎日イチャらぶする性活 [ひなぎく亭]

-Speaker Marcus

ダウナー系の後輩と毎日イチャらぶする性活 [ひなぎく亭]

-Toracle Risto

  • The Beginning [I want you to show me where you ejaculate~].
  • The first one [How dare you do this to my cute junior girlfriend who is a virgin and has zero experience with men](female dominance/whispering/slut-shaming/masturbation instructions)
  • The second time [in exchange, you can pour it on me] (female dominance / whispering / hand job / ear licking / spit hand job / ejaculation order)
  • 3rd time [Also, I was thinking of giving you a blowjob since we’re outside today] (outdoor / female dominance / blowjob / handjob / whispering / oral ejaculation / gokkun)
  • The fourth time [What? Didn’t you say you wanted to get a footjob?] (female dominance / footjob / lotion tights / vacuum blowjob / gokkun / continuous stop)
  • The fifth time [It’s my privilege to see my senior’s cock and his cute face when he’s coming] (female dominance / sex tape / hand job / kiss / deep kiss / lewd words /)
  • The 6th time [If this is a real pussy, you’ll definitely get impregnated] (Female dominance / masturbation / whispering / ear torture / countdown ejaculation)
  • The seventh time [I didn’t prepare a rubber because it’s definitely more comfortable to be naked] (female dominance / sex / Creampie / nipple licking / whispering / moaning / kissing)

I don’t know what to say. [What is a wolf-nominated daisy?]

ダウナー系の後輩と毎日イチャらぶする性活 [ひなぎく亭]

illustration :Mr. Pokachu(@pokachurorichu )
script-voice-actor :Rounomiya Hinagiku (@ronomiya_kemo )
Planning :Kemo Mimi Refle! (@kemo_refle )

Logo creation :Karin Nekoba (@necoma_kemo )
Hinagi Wolf Nomiya illustrator:106Pallad (@Pd_pallad )


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