【vine shop】Hello, girl guts!

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Title:Hello, girl guts!
Maker:vine shop
Release date:2021/04/08
Genre:Maniac/pervert, glasses, Girl, MatureWoman, Student, Exposed, Scatology, Expansion

Uterine Prolapse – Prolapse Love Illustrations

This is a collection of illustrations of girls who are smiling even though they are exposing their “girl insides".
This is an illustration of a girl with her vagina fully opened with a special metal fitting and a vaginal speculum, showing off her bare vagina.
A girl in the biology club proudly shows off her distorted vulva in front of a crowd.
A mature woman shows off her slumped elephant vagina and her prolapsed guts, which have turned into a bright red tail.
A variety of perverted girls show off their guts with a fresh smile.
This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most beautiful women in the world.

This title was previously published as a single-color 16-page copy.
It was called the “phantom womb prolapse book" because of its small circulation and maniacal content.
It has been reissued with full color data. All the illustrations have been updated and modified for the reissue.
The book contains 46 pages, 24 illustrations with text, 21 without text, and back cover, including 7 new illustrations.
I love uterine prolapse, prolapse, and excretion! This is a book for those who love uterine prolapse, prolapse, and excretion!

There is no blood splatter or cruelty in this book. It is a book about prolapse of the uterus and prolapse of the anus.


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