【YuriMakura】YuriMakura -YuriEcchi in the infirmary

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Title:YuriMakura -YuriEcchi in the infirmary
Release date:2021/04/10
Genre:Alotofjuice/liquid, continuousclimax, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Senior/Senior, Love/Love/Amaa, Yuri, Lesbian/girlfriend

[A situation that every yuri otaku has dreamed of at least once, and we made it happen].

In response to fans of yuri-themed works who want to enjoy the story from a third-person perspective, such as [being a wall to watch over them] or [being a houseplant to be there], we’ve created a website that allows you to become a pillow on the bed used by the yuri couple during their relationship, and watch their relationship from up close and personal. This is the audio content that will allow you to listen in on the yuri couple’s entanglement from a very close distance while maintaining the reality! The binaural – dummy head audio format increases the reality!


ゆりまくら ~保健室でゆりえっち~ [ゆりまくら]

Name: Hinata (Yasuko Hinata)
CV:Nanami Mizuno
The ace of the kendo club with excellent grades and athleticism. She and Akane are neighbors and have known each other since they were children. She is a beautiful woman with a model-like figure and a slightly neutral face, combining cuteness and coolness. She does not like to be called by her first name because she thinks it is lame. Akane calls her “Yasuko-chan", but she asks her to call her “Hinata". She continues to play the role of a perfect person, and has begun to have sex with Akane to relieve the stress she has been accumulating from her club activities, studies, and personal relationships.


ゆりまくら ~保健室でゆりえっち~ [ゆりまくら]

Name: Akane (Akane Kawai)
CV:Toa Yukimura
A high school girl who is the epitome of ordinary, JK1. She is a quiet girl who belongs to the calligraphy club. Her nickname is Akane, and Hinata also calls her Hinata. Since she was a child, she has looked up to Hinata like an older sister. When Hinata asks her to do something for her, she has mixed feelings about it, but she accepts it because she wants to help Hinata in any way she can.


ゆりまくら ~保健室でゆりえっち~ [ゆりまくら]

-I just hear sounds and can’t move or see anything


The Two of Us

After being together for a long time, she began to enjoy lesbian sex, either from puberty or from a whim. In the beginning, the act was only done in Rai’s or Aoi’s room, but recently, due to the stress of interpersonal relationships, studies and club activities, the act was done everywhere. One day during class, Rai’s libido kicked in and she couldn’t take it anymore.
After securing a bed in the infirmary, he called Aoi…

Tracklist Total Time: 2 hours, 1 minute, 28 seconds

  • Track 1: The two of us went to the infirmary bed – escaping in class
  • Track 2:Second round in the bed – After school honey~.
  • Track 3:Dusk and Exhale – Rest for Two
  • Track 4:Bonus Track ~ Alone from ? ~.


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