【Demon City Project】Cuckoldry: Behind-the-scenes training

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#15, 30 Days:#79
Title:Cuckoldry: Behind-the-scenes training
Maker:Demon City Project
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:Whip/rope/candle, Kunoichi, Kimono/kifuku, Cuckold, Faces, Bondage, Torture, depravity

The trap of lewd backstabbing

Tatsuma and Kayano are childhood friends who trained and competed in swordsmanship together.
When the Lord orders them to go to a hidden village where users live in order to learn the art of demon hunting.
The story is about a young girl who is forced to train under the tutelage of a master demon hunter named Toutetsu.

-The story structure is a zapping composition of the front training (male protagonist) and the back training (heroine)!
The first time you view the front training from the man’s point of view, the feeling of cuckoldry in the back training will be amplified. You can also read the back training from the beginning for practical use!

-9 basic CGs, 263 pages of main story


  • 寝取られ 裏・修行 [悪魔都市計画]

    Hozuki Kayano:
    Raised as the daughter of the master of a certain swordsmanship dojo. She has a strong sense of justice.
    She is conscious of her childhood friend, Tatsuma, but their relationship is not progressing well.

  • 寝取られ 裏・修行 [悪魔都市計画]

    Tatsuma Usago:
    A young man who comes to the hidden village with Kayano to train as a demon hunter.
    His goal is to become strong enough to protect Kayano, make a congratulatory speech, and take over the dojo.

  • 寝取られ 裏・修行 [悪魔都市計画]

    One of the demon hunters who serve as mentors to Kayano and Tatsuma. He has an air of irreverence, but is surprisingly good at taking care of people.


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