【Ramune Shop】A cool literary girl and her sex life in the library

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#27
Title:A cool literary girl and her sex life in the library
Maker:Ramune Shop
Release date:2021/04/13
Genre:Nakadashi, blowjob, Torture, Verbalabuse, Shame/humiliation, Torment, Maleacceptance, whispering

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My life in the library with a cool literary girl who has fallen into masochism

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Character introduction

クールな文学少女と、ハメまくり図書室性活 [ラムネ屋]


クールな文学少女と、ハメまくり図書室性活 [ラムネ屋]

The unassuming and inconspicuous classmate [Shizuka Amemiya] who is always in the library.
The result of my bold confession

I was made a test subject for a dirty sensual novel

I’ve been in a relationship with my shy but sexy classmate, Shizuka.
The library’s dorky life begins…

In an empty library at dusk, you
Become the masochistic boyfriend of a sober girl—.

Track content

Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes

track1 Prologue Confession[5:36].

track2 Literary Girl Whispering Lewd Words Hand Job Ear Licking [22:20].

track3 Literary girl’s nipple torture, ear licking, kissing [20:46].

track4 literary girl whispering masturbation watching [18:02].

track5 literary girl orders cunnilingus man-hair cunnilingus [14:47].

track6 Literary Girl’s Oho Voice Sex [12:23].

track7 Epilogue Confession [11:42].


Full length wav file (48khz-24bit)
The script
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