【SPOON】Maki’s sister’s [00chan! Come here?]

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Title:Maki’s sister’s [00chan! Come here?]
Release date:2021/04/12
Genre:Healing, sister, loving/soothing, Oneshota

[Would you like to have your name called by a beautiful woman—?]

Maki’s sister’s “00-chan! Come here!

[I want to be pampered and healed by a kind sister—]
I want to be called by my beautiful sister’s name—]

A beautiful older sister angel who has come down to fulfill the fundamental desires of all men.

[Maki Hayase]]

The older sister of my childhood friend who has been with me for a long time.
Big sister who treats me like a child and spoils me with “chan

This is the kind of sister who calls you by your own personal nickname…
This is an audio work in which you are pampered like a mama’s boy, and you are made to do naughty things.

There are 30 different nicknames prepared for you [00chan].
There are 32 types of nicknames, including the generic nicknames Boku-chan and Chibi-chan.

To watch the name-calling, please go to chobit here!

3 introductory scenarios and 9 sweet erotic scenarios
All 12 of those sweet erotic situations.
We have name diffs for all 12 of them.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like.
She is a little quiet and natural but full of love.

*This is a story about a young girl who is in love with her sister, but she’s also a bit of a jerk.
*This game is also available as a free download from the PC software [XX-chan! Come here? (RJ068658)], which was originally released as a PC software, has been converted to MP3 and is compatible with smartphones and other devices.

CV:Ao Inukai
Illustration: sogaya

I want you to call me with a gentle and beautiful voice.

List of recorded nicknames

A-chan, E-chan
Kazu-chan, Kacchan, Ken-chan
Kee-chan Ko-chan
Satchan, Jun, Shou-chan
Shin-chan, Shi-chan, Se-chan
Dai-chan, Taka-chan, Tacchan
Tetsuchan, Toshichan, Tomochan
Haru-chan Hide-chan Hiro-chan
Maru-chan, Moto-chan
Yoo-chan, Yoshi-chan, Yo-chan, Ryo-chan

Boku-chan, Chibi-chan

おTo watch the name-calling, please go to chobit here!

Sweet erotic situation introduction

Onii-chan is calling me x3

Onii-chan is calling you as usual about 04min
Oneicchan is calling me gently about 03 min.
Onei-chan calls me while being ignored about 03 min.

○ spoiled by the mouth of Onee-chan x3
One-chan’s sweet blowjob about 11min.
Onii-chan’s cute blowjob about 16min.
Oneicchan’s begging blowjob about 10min.

Onei-chan’s lovemaking x3
Oniichan, being cute about 11min.
Oneey-chan becomes a mom about 14min.
Onee-chan becomes a monster. 11 minutes.

Onei-chan to unite x3
Oneey-chan and normal position about 08min.
Cowgirl position with a girl for about 12 minutes
Doggy style with a girl, about 12 minutes

There are 12 situations in 4 categories x 3 patterns.
If you are interested in the content, please refer to the trial version, which contains the entire script.


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