【Wanting】Let’s get played by a shy girl!

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Title:Let’s get played by a shy girl!
Release date:2021/04/29

Would you like to be played by a slightly older woman?

One day, my favorite senior came to my room and showed me something…

This is an R18 audio piece that begins with the word “I".
The concept is
The concept is that an older sister
I’m shy.
Come on to me.

I want to hear a binaural recording of this piece!

I made a piece like this!

We’ve also chosen Iroha Natsumine, who is active in various games, to be the CV!

This is for everyone who wants to listen to a sweet voice drama with a lot of hidden words!

The microphone used is the KU100, a top-of-the-line binaural microphone!
The cutest voices with the best equipment!
We will send it to you.

★Play content
-OP: I want to experiment with you, sexually. 5:30
-1: Your penis, with my hand, I’m going to squirt it 16:30
-2:Oh, I should just make your mouth feel good, right?
-3: I don’t just want to look at your tits, I want to touch them and suck on them.17:49
-4: It’s not fair that you’re the only one who gets to feel good, is it?
-5: A reminiscent masturbation scene full of other hidden words!
We’ll send you a huge volume of over 100 minutes in total!

◎Gift project #3
Iroha Natsumine will select the best reviewer from among those who wrote reviews, and we will present it to you.
The winner of the Best Review Award will receive
The winner of the best review will receive an autograph card signed by Iroha Natsumine and a 3-minute original voice drama with their name on it!
The content of the voice drama will be decided in consultation with the winner.
To apply for the present project, please send your review to our Twitter:@gaitei_koujin
Please send us your review name and your wish to apply for the third round of the present project through

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イラスト はづき Twitter:@AyaneAkira pixiv:https://www.pixiv.net/users/593917
ロゴ ふりる Twitter:@furiru_nwa02 HP:http://www.meish.me/i/furiru_nwa02
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