【Bokuchi Island】You’re groping your own sister?

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Title:You’re groping your own sister?
Maker:Bokuchi Island
Release date:2021/04/07
Genre:Lolita, sister, Decadence/immorality/immorality, Twin-tailed, Tinytits, Bigbelly/Pregnant, Brown/tan

The beginning of forbidden days with my sister

When I entered the room, I hid the
My erotic books were scattered all over the bed.

And the culprit behind the mess, my sister Miki.
He was lying on my bed, which was covered with pornographic books, looking like he owned the place.

I’ve been reading that book for a while now.

My sister is cute.
I can’t believe we have the same blood, she’s so cute.
If she wasn’t my sister, I probably wouldn’t even be able to talk to her.
She is a complete beauty in terms of appearance alone.

But what’s inside is ghastly.

I’m his brother, and he’s always talking about me.

Calling me a hentai, pedophile, siscon, etc.

In addition to that, he would be stepping into his brother’s private life, just like now.

“Hey, Miki! I took the liberty of hiding the pornographic book again…

[Oh no, my brother’s sexual habits.
It’s my sister’s job to keep track of my brother’s sexual habits, right?]

How dare he say that to me?

And at this time
I had no idea that I would have such a relationship with my sister.

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