【the illusion】Learning

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#4, 30 Days:#14
Maker:the illusion
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:fetish, anime, 3Dworks, Prostitution/Reception

Game Overview

The setting is an abandoned school that has become a materials yard.

The protagonist, who was dumped by his girlfriend, spends a week in the abandoned school before moving out.
This is a game where you pay a girl to do something sexy for you.

This game is developed with Unity.
This game is developed with Unity.

Game Screen 1

まなびや [さかくも]

Movement is in 3D (FPS view).
The visuals look like a horror game, but there are no horror elements.

Game screen 2

まなびや [さかくも]

The girl is somewhere in an abandoned school.
Find her, talk to her, and ask her to do something sexy for you.
The main character has no dialogue.

Play time – number of characters

まなびや [さかくも]

Expect 3-4 hours of total play time.

There are 5 girls you can h…
There is one ending for each girl.

H Contents

まなびや [さかくも]

Normal H moves with Live2D.
There are other event H scenes with still CG.

-Normal H
6 kinds of Live2D animations x Character differences
You can do this while looking at the images you get from the girl or the H images you get.

-Event H
3 kinds of each character (20 kinds of basic CG) + difference

6 kinds of sexy images

Material used

I have used the following materials.

-Mr. Dieblest
[Various sound effects collection 100].

-Mr. tigerlily
Rape & pure love erotic game production panting sound material collection Revo(CV:Momoka Yuzuki)
Effect voice material collection by tigerlily


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