【silt crete】The unrequited love of a tall, plump childhood friend.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#4, 30 Days:#26
Title:The unrequited love of a tall, plump childhood friend.

Maker:silt crete
Release date:2021/04/21
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, childhoodfriend, school/college, HandJob, FootJob, Creampie, Reverserape, tall

I’m 180cm tall with a big, chubby body.
I’ve been held down by force.
It’s a story about a man who is held down by force with his big 180cm body, and milked as much as he wants.

It doesn’t matter how much you avoid it, it’s always there.
It’s a story about being caught by a childhood friend who’s a little crazy.
Please force me to feel better.


This is the story of my childhood friend Chinatsu, who lives next door to me.

She’s small and likes cute things.
You’re shorter than me, and I love you like crazy.
She will always play sexual pranks on you when you meet her.

He stole my first time without my consent.
You are the one who hates the self-centered chinatsu.
You are a man and you can’t win by force.
I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone.

At school, people think we’re dating, but we’re not.
I have been in a one-sided relationship.

I’m trying to avoid being attacked as much as possible.
I thought I got up early to go to school this morning.
She is discovered by Chinatsu, who is waiting for her in the hallway…

Character Introduction

長身むちむち幼馴染の片想い偏愛力ずく搾精 [Schiltkrete]

Track description

長身むちむち幼馴染の片想い偏愛力ずく搾精 [Schiltkrete]


  • Duration : 1 hour and 18 minutes + 6 minutes of extras
  • Recording Environment : Binaural Microphone (KU100) / Studio
  • File Format : wav (48kHz / 24bit)
  • Difference : No SE
  • Package illustration included


Mr. Tyrol Oyama
Mr. Hayabusa
Sound effects
Mijinko Materials
Divulst [Various sound effects collection 100].


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