【ASMR Club Channel】[Massage – Shampoo] ASMR Department Midorizono Healing Moon – Healing time when a calm mama senior pampered and praised me to the fullest

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Title:[Massage – Shampoo] ASMR Department Midorizono Healing Moon – Healing time when a calm mama senior pampered and praised me to the fullest
Maker:ASMR Club Channel
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Moe, healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, Senior/Senior, heartwarming

Here is a summary of my work ♪

[This work content].
ASMR part
-shoulder thumping for a warm fuzzy feeling!
-Healing shampoo

-This is the best way to get the most out of your body.
I was healed by the gentle manager, who made me feel like a mother (maternal instinct this time).

-They are all about healing.

You have been summoned to the office.
You’ve been summoned to the club, and the head of the department, Midorizono Yuugetsu, seems to be worried that you’re tired.
And so
Special! Welcome to Healing Moon’s pampering massage parlor.
I will heal you until you are mellow… Thank you…

[What is the ASMR club?]
The protagonist is vulnerable to stress and tends to break down.
When he is trapped in high school life, he meets
It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
What is the autonomic climax response?
The world’s first manga video x ASMR youtube channel.

YouTube Channel

Self introduction♪

【マッサージ・シャンプー】ASMR部 緑園 癒月 ~おっとりママな先輩がトコトン甘やかして褒めてくれる癒し時間~ [ASMR部チャンネル]

“Thank you for another day of hard work…" “You’re also wonderful for working so hard…

▼Morizono Yuugetsu(CV:Hikaru Nishida)
Head of ASMR club, 3rd year
Looking for a way to heal mentally, he finally found ASMR and became addicted to it.
Now I’m trying various situations, various genres!

I love all the members of my club, and I’m in the position of a big sister and mother.
When she talks about her favorite things, she talks very fast and has a funny side.


  • Tr1: Opening – A healing gift for you
  • Tr2:First, a shoulder tap and a massage
  • Tr3:Head massage with shampoo
  • Tr4: Tucking her in for the ending
  • For those of you who found out about it on DLsite, here’s the full-length video of part of the ASMR club channel
  • Full size illustration of the jacket
  • Cover illustration

Everyone involved in the production

Voice: Hikaru Nishida


Scenario writer: Yuzumiya Tomome


Illustrator: Takuan


Logo and package design: Potof Design


Sound design: Toshi Shimizu

Unknockout Inc.
NOKID Corporation


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