【The Return of the Crone】Holy Woman Semen Drinking – Holy Comfort of White Turbidity

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#23, 30 Days:#100
Title:Holy Woman Semen Drinking – Holy Comfort of White Turbidity
Maker:The Return of the Crone
Release date:2021/04/09
Genre:fetish, lewdwords, copiousamountsofjuice/liquid, sisters, bukkake, Fellatio, Gokkun/Eating, OralEjaculation


A small church that stands quietly.
This church is visited by people with various afflictions related to sex.
A woman passionately preaches to these lost lambs.
She is a kind-hearted priestess who preaches love in this church.
When her lips open, love and forgiveness will be bestowed on all the pussies.

Sometimes, she spins lewd words that are unbecoming of a priest.
Sometimes they make obscene water sounds.
She hides her obscene nature behind a gentle smile as she teaches love with her clean and lustful lips today.

The holy consolation of blowjobs given by an innocent and lewd saint who pities and cares for all dicks!


聖女精飲~白濁の聖慰問~ [こむらがえり]
聖女精飲~白濁の聖慰問~ [こむらがえり]
聖女精飲~白濁の聖慰問~ [こむらがえり]


  • The Baptism of Love
  • Forgiveness of Love
  • Consolation of Love Chapter – Introduction
  • Consolation of Love – Full Version
  • Prayer of Love


Included data specifications
-Main track (5 files in total)
-EX track (4 files in total)
-Illustration (no title logo, super large amount of bukkake diff)
-Text (only dialogue is text)

Total play time: about 3 hours and 3 minutes
This work is a sequel to the previous work [Saint Seijo Semen Drinking], but there is no connection between the scenarios.
You can enjoy this work by itself.

CV: Ms. Hanami Takanashi

Illustration: Ms. Nei-san

Production: Komura gaeri


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