【Kamakura】Elf Maid’s Service

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10, 7 Days:#46
Title:Elf Maid’s Service
Release date:2021/04/15
Genre:healing, animation, Maid, Love/Love/Amaa, handjob, Creampie, Titties, MalePenetration

SLG-style choices + H animation

For heartwarming healing maids.
This is a video (application) in which you are gently served by a healing maid.

A quick and easy to watch looped animation.
Contains 8 scenes – 85 videos in total. +6 everyday event pictures.

You can easily see H scenes and differences with one click.
It is possible to select the next H scene by the choice in the standby conversation.

Outside of the sex scenes, you can have small conversations with the maids by using the options.
Some event pictures may occur.
I hope you enjoy the service scene and the relaxed atmosphere of daily conversation.


Serving scene: 8 kinds
-hand job
-Fellatio ←(It’s in the demo version)
-breast rubbing


Each scene can be switched by one click.

Standby → Slow → Intense → Finish (Auto button available)

Continue to —-?
You can see the liquid difference and expression difference.

Please check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

Dear [Tigerlily].

Production cooperation
[Good Night Development Office

BGM – Sound Effects
By [OtoLogic].
[Soul of a Demon King



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