【Here’s a pinch of nipple】Slave Boy Female Child Sales

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Title:Slave Boy Female Child Sales
Maker:Here’s a pinch of nipple
Release date:2021/05/16
Genre:boy, Shota, “boysdaughter", cross-dressing, Prostitution, Gay/man-on-man, Humiliation, Forced/forcible

[slave boy female child sales] re-edited electronic version

奴隷少年メスガキ営業 [ここで乳首をひとつまみ]

[I still don’t understand why this guy is so excited either].

The boy who became a slave to offer his body – Akira Sonomei.

A boy who is a slave who gives away his body – Sono Akira, who wears his hair like a girl’s, and behaves as requested.
All to satisfy the desires of his customers.

Even if they suck your dick or play around with your anus.
Sonomei has no idea what adults think.

But still, as a job, as a slave…

4 pages on the cover + 24 pages of text
I’ve added, corrected, and re-edited the [slave boy female child sales] page.
Only the black line is corrected in the local part of the purchase data.

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奴隷少年メスガキ営業 [ここで乳首をひとつまみ]

I draw original works for adults with a focus on female boys, male daughters, and cross-dressing boys.

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