【Ubino tact】You are the teacher who became the student’s mesmerizing doll [TS Yuri].

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Title:You are the teacher who became the student’s mesmerizing doll [TS Yuri].
Maker:Ubino tact
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:Femalepointofview, Binaural/Damihe, school/college, Feminine, Sexchange(TS), Yuri, Lesbian/girlfriend

All binaural (recorded on a Neumann KU100)
Total playing time — 3 hours 47 minutes
The sex part is 2 hours 40 minutes.
WAV MP3 included
Illustration jacket(with or without title)

~Main characters
Akane Ninomiya (Your subjective point of view)
Shindo Ayatsuki (CV: Akino Kaede)
Minori Hayase (CV: Kyuka Hyuga-Aoi)

CV: Kaede Akino
Shindo Ayatsuki
Akane’s mother

CV: Yohkoh Aoi Shuka
Minori Hayase
Kana Shimizu
Book Cafe Clerk
Shizuku Sakuragawa

CV: Hiyori Misaki *(from previous voices)
Sakura Kyokushin


~Planning, Scriptwriting, Production
Ubino tact

When you visit a book cafe, you find a mysterious book with no title.
The caf staff explains that by having the book read to you, you will be able to feel the emotions and sensations of the book’s main character.
The caf staff explained that by having the book read to you, you would be able to relive the real experience with the feelings and sensations of the main character in the book. If you are interested, please ask the cafe staff to read the book to you.
You will be asked to read the book to a cafe worker, and you will be able to relive the life of the main character.

You’ve been a teacher for two years and you have a girlfriend who is one year older than you and you’ve been dating since high school.
Her name is Kana Shimizu. I’ve been in a long distance relationship with her since she graduated from college and had to go to the provinces for three years for work.
A student at your school caught you flirting with Kana while you were on a date with her, who comes back to your hometown regularly.
You’re on a date with Kana, who comes back to your hometown regularly.
You’ve got to be careful about what you say and what you do.

But then one day, Ayatsuki shows you a video in the library where you are in charge.
It was a video of you and Kana holding hands in a caf, looking at each other like lovers and having a conversation.

You’re afraid that the other students will find out about your relationship with Kana.
You’ll be able to follow Ayazuki’s instructions on ……, and you’ll be able to see yourself responding to her various sexual commands on video.

The demands escalated further. Drowning in the pleasures of yuri to soothe the loneliness and tingling in her body during the long-distance relationship.

You become the female doll of the two students.

★★Recommended Points ★★★
You can become the doll of two female students and drown in the pleasure of yuri.
You can enjoy the sly impatience and torment of the two honor students with their polite language and cute voices.

It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
It is the best choice for those who want to have a lot of fun. I’m not going to attack you in a painful way, so don’t worry if you don’t like it.

The main character is a female teacher, but from the middle of the story, she is forced to wear her school uniform and have sex with other students, so it can be enjoyed as a senior and junior story.
The main character is a female teacher, but in the middle of the story, she is made to wear a school uniform and have sex with Minori.
You will be instructed to play with your nipples throughout the story or play with them yourself. If you have weak nipples, this is for you.
The story progresses in real time. The sex part is a massive 2 hours and 40 minutes!

The story is connected to the previous two games, but it is designed to be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.
You don’t need to have listened to the previous works to enjoy it. (The story of Akane’s upbringing is also told in the feminization episode)

As an extra track, you can listen to the episode of the past work [You who gets mesmerized while being whispered to by your senpai] from Akane’s Life Story – Feminization.
I’ve prepared a track that leads to the sex part, so you can enjoy it with a higher sense of immersion.
Also, if you’ve listened to the past works and are wondering what happened to your relationship with Kana
If you’re wondering what happened to her relationship with Kana, don’t worry, there’s an epilogue in the final track that shows the happy world of the two of them one year later.

Included tracks

01_Introduction (4:58)
Breathe and relax, and get ready to enjoy the story.

02_A Mysterious Book I Found in a Book Cafe (10:37)
You will be asked to read a strange book you found in a book cafe.
As you listen to the story, your consciousness is drawn into the mind of the main character, and you start to relive the real experience.

03_Experiencing Akane’s Past (Inducing Female Body) – First Half (28:14)
You are pulled into the mind of the main character, and when you wake up, you are the little girl from when she first started to speak.
As the story progresses, your body grows little by little, and you gradually become aware of yourself as a girl.
And your consciousness and senses will be reborn as [Akane] itself.

04_Experiencing Akane’s Past (Induction of Female Body) – Second Half (18:17)
After your body and mind have grown and you have become a complete girl, you experience your first love.
The other person’s name is Kana Shimizu. She is one year older than you at your school. One rainy day.
Their relationship begins to deepen when Kana calls out to him on the way home from school.

And you change from a girl to a woman.

05. From a pupil in the library after school (53:54)
She shows you the video that Ayatsuki took of you and Kana, and asks you about your relationship with her.
If you can’t hide it, you’ll have to comply with Ayatsuki’s demands on condition that you delete the video. ……

You’ve been in a long distance relationship for a while, and your body is aching for Ayatsuki’s touch.
You can’t resist, and you accept what Ayatsuki does to you.

06_Pranking Minori in the Library Preparation Room (18:59)
When Ayatsuki took me into the preparation room, I found my hands and feet bound and a rotor between my legs.

Minori is being raped and humiliated, and you are ordered to play a prank on her.
I crawled my hand to my crotch, thinking I shouldn’t. Ayatsuki handed me some gummies with aphrodisiac.

She puts it in Minori’s mouth and pussy and makes the rutting girl cum.

07_In the car driving home (9:31)
Ayatsuki wanted to go to your house, so I decided to drive them both home.
As you drive, Ayatsuki and Minori crawl their hands all over your body.
Minori has the remote control for the rotor in her pussy, and she plays with the switch.
She is enjoying your reaction. You continue to drive, enduring the pleasure until you reach home.

08_Akane’s Room – Part 1 (22:30)
As you lie on the bed in your room, you are being attacked by two men at the same time.
The gummies with aphrodisiacs in the car make your libido uncontrollable.
Your nipples and pussy are being tortured at the same time, and you lose the power to resist the pleasure.
In the end, you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of a big climax as the aphrodisiac gummies are placed in your mouth and pussy.

09_Akane’s room – middle part (18:17)
In this video, you’ll learn how to make your own gummy bears.
You are made to change into your uniform, and Ayatsuki, wearing Kana’s uniform, kisses you.
You remember your first time with Kana and your body gets even hotter.
After that, you are forced to masturbate while looking at yourself in front of the mirror.
Minori is forced to masturbate while watching herself in front of the mirror, and Ayatsuki orders her to give Minori a sex education while wearing a school swimsuit of Kana from her childhood.

10_Akane’s Room – Part 2 (36:21)
You continue to be raped with toys and restraints hidden in your room.
I’ve had my pussy and anus fucked with dildos and vibrators at the same time while I was restrained.
It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time with us.
In the end, the three of them lick each other’s pussies and climax together.

11_Bookcafe-Epilogue (One Year Later) (6:15)
You wake up in a book cafe. You are curious about what happened to Akane and Kana.
Your consciousness has yet to return to your true self.
After returning to the world of the book and seeing the world of the two one year later, you regain your consciousness.


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