【Dover System】The House of WAM

[Ranking]24 Hours:#7, 7 Days:#33
Title:The House of WAM
Maker:Dover System
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:fetish, femaleprotagonist, lotion, cosplay, Restraint

It’s the best of both worlds. RPG specializing in wet and dirty messes!

WAMの館 [ドヴァーシステム]

The main character, Yuu, is on her way home from school when she wanders into a mysterious mansion and gets locked in.

A JK who gets into a lot of trouble!

WAMの館 [ドヴァーシステム]

The story is about a young girl who gets trapped in a mysterious mansion and tries to escape, but she can’t find the owner.
You’ll need to find a way to get out of the house.

There’s a giant mousetrap for security, a treasure chest that forces you to pose in a naughty pose, the Marubatsu quiz that’s now a staple in Messy, and the disastrous Trimochi Twister if you fall! and more!

There are 15 basic event scenes! There are 15 basic event scenes and about 150 illustrations.

There are many situations that you may have seen before!
It’s not just dirty, it’s also full of dirty tricks!

A few scenes
-Giant rat catcher
-Pie tossing
-Trimoti Twister
-Russian Cardboard
-Marubatu Quiz
-Lotion Slider
-Nebulous Lane
There are many more unusual traps! Please play and see for yourself!

You’ll get dirty in a variety of costumes!

WAMの館 [ドヴァーシステム]

Each time Yuu gets dirty, he changes into a costume he finds in the museum.

Yuu reluctantly changes into a gym uniform, a maid uniform, and even a slightly naughty costume while exploring the museum to escape from it.
There are six different costumes in total.

Once you get dirty, it’s not easy to get rid of!

WAMの館 [ドヴァーシステム]

In anime and manga, girls get dirty! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It’s not that easy to get rid of dirt! It’s a good idea to take a bath and change your clothes.
In this game, you can continue exploring without getting dirty!
It’s a great way to get your hands dirty.


This game is made with “RPG Tucool MZ".

If you transfer the save data of the trial version to the full version, it may cause problems and is not supported.

In the trial version, you can play up to the exploration in uniform.

Please note that there is no insertion, but there is some peeing and climaxing.

Please report bugs on Twitter or Ci-en.

ツイッター :https://twitter.com/KV2_type_wam
ci-en :https://ci-en.net/creator/9486


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