【Fujifuda】Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#39
Title:Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon
Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, dressup, series, Tucool, Student, Uniform, SchoolSwimsuit, Fantasy

[About] Runa

サキュバス瑠奈とエロダンジョン [藤札]

A bright and positive girl.

She has no experience with men at all, and masturbates every day, but hides it.

She is not a very smart person, but the characters are so blurry.
He often plays the role of a comedian in this story.

She wants her breasts to get bigger, and is often licked for her small size.

She does her homework ahead of time.

[Personality] Lily

サキュバス瑠奈とエロダンジョン [藤札]

A succubus who lives inside Runa.

A demoness with a long lifespan, but Lily is relatively young and curious about sex.

She does not masturbate, and would rather eat a man than do so.

In this film, she is often shouting and screaming, but
In this movie, she often shouts and screams, but when she’s in serious mode, she often acts as a comedian.

He is the type of person who never does his homework.

Outline of the work


While returning home, the main character (Runa) comes home soaking wet in the sudden rain.
When I went to bed after taking a bath and masturbating, I found myself in a strange space.

When you get out of that space, you will be advised by a mysterious grandfather and a young man to become a [magic soldier].
Reluctantly, he is forced to fight a monster that he has never fought before as a test.

In this world, monsters can’t be damaged by swords or axes, and there are no modern weapons like guns.
In a harsh world where there are no means of attack, the only thing that can do damage is [ano weapon].

Runa has changed her name to “The Legendary Succubus Runa" and has been trying to find out the truth about what is happening in this world.

In order to unravel the truth about what is happening in this world and return to the present day, Runa travels alone to an erotic dungeon crawling with monsters.

[work description]——————————————

Genre: Gag comedy RPG

Number of players:1

Based on a turn-based royal RPG with simple and deep combat.
Battle erotica – battle undressing – costume changing – job changes – battle status changes based on H-status
Many original dot pictures – Full original battle animations with normal attacks – Conventional cut-in production
This is the culmination of the Erotic Dungeon series and the final game in the series.

It’s a great way to get your hands on some of the world’s most popular games.
I tried to create an event that doesn’t rely on reminiscence mode, where you can watch H scenes while adventuring. (There is a reminiscence mode).
I’ve been trying to make a game that doesn’t rely on a reminiscence mode, where you can watch the sex scenes while adventuring.
The fresh and innocent voice of “Ramune Kohinata" is employed!

There are two difficulty levels, easy mode and normal mode, to suit your play style.
You can change the difficulty level at any time, and the voice on/off function is also implemented.
We’ve also added a voice on/off function.
The number of crafting materials has been reduced to make it easier to craft familiar items in the series.
The erotic status not only visualizes the level of dirty, but also changes the combat status depending on the status.
You can use it to your advantage in battle, or combine it with jobs and outfits to create new skills.
There are also tactical elements. It’s a great way to get to the top of your game, but it’s not the only way.
This is the final game in the series, where all the experience of the Erodungeon series can be utilized.
The next installment will be announced on Ci-en.
[Ci-en article about the next game and beyond]↓
(https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/3714/article/444853 )


-Standing picture – 6 kinds of costume + battle undressing difference + expression difference
-53 basic HCG sheets + about 15 illustrations for scenarios
-All new illustrations of all enemy characters + enemy dots + 6 types of job dots
-Cut-in illustrations for inner workings, etc.

-Difficulty level [Easy][Normal] can be selected to match your play style.
-The camera mode allows you to create your own HCG collection – a collection of famous scenes!
-The HCG reminiscence function is built into the item screen. (There is also a reminiscence room)
-When you win or lose a battle against an enemy, you can collect CGs and save event recollections! (You can’t get them if you run away)
-Right click to clear window! +ctrl message skip function.
-A little extra stuff to do after clearing the game, etc.!

[H-scene example]——————————————
-Masturbation in a school swimsuit
-Getting spermed by a goblin.
-They take down your footwear.
-Tentacles – Foreign object insertion – Urination – Public masturbation
-Monster Creampie Sex
-Sex with a human male

[time required]——————————————

-about 4 hours (about 2.5 hours in easy mode)


-Please make sure to check the operation before purchase.
-This work is made by [RPG Tucool MV].
-Please make a backup of the trial version before transferring it.
-If you are using a high performance monitor such as a gaming monitor that is 60hz or higher, please contact us at
If you are using a high performance monitor with a refresh rate of 60hz or higher, you may need to change the refresh rate back to 60hz.
If you have a high performance monitor, please check the refresh rate when you boot.
(Common for all Tucool MV products)

-I can launch the trial version but not the full version.
I get an error message saying [game has stopped working] and cannot start it.
In this case, it is reported that renaming the Gameexe in the folder will start it.
Please try it. Please try it.

[Please send bug reports to] ——————————————

This is an article for all users to summarize bug information.
Please make use of it!

[bug report – response page] ↓

[Author info]——————————————

This page provides the latest information such as notice and announcement of the next work.
I’m trying to take care of small things and make them next.

We are always thinking about how we can make our work better.
I’m always thinking about how to make my work better. Thank you very much!

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