【Horseradish shop】It’s a pleasure hell of moist and persistent nipple blame by a bewitching whip witch.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#15, 30 Days:#62
Title:It’s a pleasure hell of moist and persistent nipple blame by a bewitching whip witch.
Maker:Horseradish shop
Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:Noreversals, tits, wizard/witch, HandJob, masturbationsupport, lewd, maleacceptance, whipped

Appeal points

I’m not sure what to say, but I’m going to say it.

I’ve been in a lot of situations where I’ve been blamed for my nipples while being whispered in my ear with a lot of dirty words…

I’m not sure if you’re a beginner or have already developed your own nipples, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


A mysterious western-style house that stands quietly in the depths of the Sea of Trees, known as the Witch’s House.
According to the gossip, there is a tall and plump woman living there.
It is not a place where people can live, and it should not be popular, but the men who have set foot in it have gone missing one after another, and the mystery only deepens.
You head to the Witch’s House to explore the mystery and follow your curiosity, but the moment you step into the house, you faint.

Eris the Witch

妖艶なムチムチ魔女によるねっとりしつこい乳首責め快楽地獄 [ワサビ屋]

Height: estimated late 180cm Weight: unknown

Her breasts are larger than her face, her buttocks are huge, and her toes are sharp and red. Her waist is moderately toned.

She lives in the “Witch’s House", but whether she is a human, a ghost, or an alien… her true identity is shrouded in mystery.

She is probably a moody person, and on the surface she is gentle, but sometimes something black behind the surface peeks out in a mysterious way.

After catching an intruder and locking him up, she doesn’t hurt him physically or mentally, but rather scratches his nipples with her nails to tease him, rolls them sweetly between her fingertips to see how he reacts, talks to him in his ear in a mysterious way, and squeezes his semen out of him. The purpose of this is still unknown.

There are doors and windows in the building, and the door is left unlocked. At first glance, it looks like there are a lot of gaps, but when I look into her eyes, somehow I don’t feel like running away from here.


  • Welcome to the Witch’s House [Introduction].
  • Nipple Blame Skimming Hand Job
  • Nipple Blaming Testimonial Foot Job
  • Baby talk nipple blaming masturbation
  • Sleeping masturbation with nipple licking and nipple blaming
  • Predatory cowgirl with nipple torture
  • Extra: Onasapo track with only [crunch] and [breath] excerpted from the main story
  • Total recording time [excluding extras].
    1 hour 58 minutes

Track Introduction

1.Welcome to the Witch’s House [Introduction].

You have arrived at the witch’s mansion and before you know it, you have fainted. You are not in a life-threatening condition.
When you wake up, you find yourself in the presence of a large, bewitching, whip-smart, and tall woman who calls herself [Eris].
I’m not going to harm you, all I’m going to give you is pleasure. What is the purpose of Eris?

2.Nipple Blame Skimming Hand Job
[nipple torture hand job]

As the words go, it’s not at all harmful, but suddenly, she talks about giving pleasure to her nipples and cock, and after putting her arms around him from behind, she whispers sweetly and sometimes nastily in his ear, and scratches his nipples sweetly and crisply with her sharp, bright red toes, and crushes his teats. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one.
In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at our own web site.

3.Nipple Blaming Testimonial Foot Job
[Nipple torture, footjob, experience

Alys, whose identity is unknown to us, introduces herself and tells you a story about her experience with another man’s nipples while handling his cock with her foot. She also plays with your nipples in the same way, encouraging you to relive the experience.
The story of how she made a physically and mentally strong man cry and broke him just by blaming his nipples, and the story of how she drove a pampered masochistic nipple pet crazy by loving her nipples… The stories she tells about her nipple blaming experiences all have their own unique atmosphere. When her nipples are tormented persistently, the urge to rebel is somehow lost.

4Baby words for masturbation nipple blame
[nipple torture, masturbation, baby talk].

In this video, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to have your nipples tweaked with your fingertips.
While she’s getting her nipples tweaked for pleasure support, she’s also allowed to masturbate on her own. She’s pampered by Aerith’s large breasts and delicate fingering of her nipples, while she’s whispered sweetly to in baby talk and given luxurious masturbation support.

5.Sleeping masturbation with nipple licking and nipple blaming
[nipple torture nipple licking masturbation masturbation lying moaning]

I’m going to be playing with a toy with Eilis-sama, who is smiling suspiciously as she sleeps with me.
While your cock is being handled by the masturbator with its tightly packed folds, your nipples are licked with a long tongue, your fingertips are smeared with saliva, and then you are teased with your fingernails… Licking and healing again, and then teasing with your fingernails, you are intoxicated with an endless loop of pleasure.

The three-point torture of masturbation, nipple licking, and toe teasing will lead you to heaven in no time.

6 nipple torment milking cowgirl position
[nipple torture, cowgirl, face licking, devouring, kissing]

She straddles you with her gunny legs and teases you as she plays with your nipples on her breastplate while slamming her big ass against you.
After being licked all over her face with a long tongue, hickeys all over her face with bright red lips, and plenty of [flavoring], Aerith tells me what she really wants!
But it’s already too late in front of Eris-sama, who is in [predator mode].

Extra: Onasapo track with only [crunch] and [breath] excerpted from the main story.

This track is a dream come true for masochistic nipples who only want to be whispered [crunch] and [breath] in their ears.
Right Left Track Yes

Credits (honorifics omitted)

CV:大山チロル(https://twitter.com/mirai_chiroru )


シナリオ:ワサビ丸(https://twitter.com/wasabi_maru09 )


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