【Everyday is the breath of a worm】The delirious innocence of a tsuntsun sister

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Title:The delirious innocence of a tsuntsun sister
Maker:Everyday is the breath of a worm
Release date:2021/02/28
Genre:AllHappy, butt/hip, Lolita, Sister, Bulma, Love/Love/Amaa, Creampie, Blowjob

This is a story about making love to a younger sister who thinks she’s a tsundere, with or without you.

This is a story of a man and his wife.

I have a younger sister, and she’s been a little cocky lately, probably because she’s at that age.

However, my siblings are not bad friends, and I didn’t mind as much as I should have. …… Then one day, an incident occurred.

It all started with a trivial incident.

My sister got very drunk on one alcoholic chocolate candy.

If that was all, it would have been a laughing matter, but the drunken sister suddenly burst out with her true feelings. ……

If I were to summarize what she said, it would be something like this: “I love you, brother, will you have sex with me? I’m sure you’ll agree.
When a cute little sister asks you out and you’re not rational enough to say no to her ……, of course it’s incest!

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m here.
I’ve been treated like a rapist who lusted after my sister.

But that’s okay. I know what you’re really thinking.

-Heroine Profile
Name: Karin Sakisaka
Three sizes:B72-W54-H85

She is five years younger than her brother. Her favorite food is sweets.
She’s a good student, but she’s not very good at expressing her emotions.
I’ve been trying to hide the fact that I’m in love with my brother, and I’ve been consciously trying to be cocky about it, but something happened and I revealed my true feelings.
I’ve been trying to be consciously sassy lately to disguise the love I have for my brother, but an accident reveals my true feelings.
Since then, he has been asking me for my body every day, and although he pretends to be unwilling, he accepts everything my brother has to offer.


-15 basic CGs

-Main story (PNG) Image size 1440×1080px 250 sheets

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